How it works Unmanaged OpenStack Cloud Servers

How does it work?

Creating your own servers in the cloud has never been so easy.
Start up servers and pay per month. It is that simple!


Create your account

Get started by creating your account. During your order, you will pay a €30 setup fee. Your usage will then be invoiced monthly. As long as you do not use more than the smallest server, this amount will be limited to €5.

Once you have placed your order, you will gain access to your own control panel & APIs, where you will be able to manage your own servers.

We have already created a network for you, with a server and a router, so that you can start working right away.

Create your account with Combell
Configure your servers


Configure your servers

You can choose from 5 configurations. This way, there is always a server that suits your needs. Set up your servers, allocate the resources that are necessary to meet your needs and add them to your network.

You can even set up load balancers or enable autoscaling in order to handle traffic peaks.


Start up servers in seconds

Start up and turn off your servers just by pressing a button. You can start them up or turn them off whenever you want. This way, you can immediately start up extra servers if necessary.
In addition, you only pay per hour you use them.

Start up servers in seconds

Free advice on how to get started with OpenStack?

Our specialists are available 24/7 for free advice. Feel free to contact Siegfried and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.


Start up your own data centre with OpenStack Cloud

A ready-made network awaits you!

Activate your account One-time €30 setup fee