Unmanaged OpenStack Cloud Servers

Start servers in seconds

And take the reins

Start your own SSD server in the cloud with just a few clicks via OpenStack’s handy control panel or the API. You have full control over your cloud environment and can easily scale up to be able to host the most demanding applications.

Take your pick from 5 different server configurations for both Linux and Windows.

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OpenStack Cinder Block storage
OpenStack Cinder Block storage

Add extra storage space

Block storage

Add an unlimited number of SSDs to your servers so that you have sufficient space for every project you undertake. Since these extra SSDs operate independently of your server, your data are stored persistently, which is ideal for databases.

Add extra block storage for €0.14/GB.

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Create your efficient network

With constant high uptime

We activate your OpenStack environment with a fully operational network with a router. You can even boost its capacity with extra servers, free load balancers and block storage.
Connect IP addresses to your various servers in order to make them available to external users.

Everything is housed on our Power racks for OpenStack with 40 GB/s to the compute node!

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OpenStack Neutron networking
OpenStack Ceilometer monitoring

Constant monitoring

Monitor the load on your OpenStack Cloud

Keep an eye on the load on your servers, the storage used, resources, etc. This will come in handy to further optimise your environment.

Set alarms so that you receive a notification when your intervention is required to avoid downtime.

More info about monitoring

Automatic scaling


Determine how your OpenStack cloud must behave in certain situations.
Your network automatically adjusts to the monitoring results.
You can e.g. set autoscaling to start an extra server when traffic peaks.

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OpenStack Heat Cloud architecture
OpenStack Glance Image services

Save time using images

Reusable templates on your servers

Use images to install an operating system on your server in no time. We even offer images for Coreos, Windows server, Ubuntu, Centos, Debian and Cirros.

Or create images yourself by taking a snapshot of your server and reusing it later to start other servers.

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Make smart backups

Protected against data loss

Make smart, incremental backups, whereby only the new and edited files are added to your backup. Easily roll back to the last working version.
This way, you are protected against data loss.

Techies can also write a script for automatic snapshots.

Find out more about backups and snapshots
OpenStack Cinder Block storage
OpenStack Keystone Identity Service

Manage the access

Add multiple users

You should not manage a complex environment all by yourself. This is why you are free to request extra users with specific rights.
This way, you can easily collaborate on your OpenStack cloud.

Handy control panel and API

Management as you want it

Manage your OpenStack cloud environment via the handy Horizon control panel or save time by directly using the API.
Create networks and routers, start servers, configure firewalls and load balancers as you like. OpenStack offers endless possibilities.

Discover the control panel
OpenStack Nova computing

OpenStack supported components

OpenStack Cinder Block storage


OpenStack Neutron networking


OpenStack Nova computing


OpenStack Heat Cloud architecture


OpenStack Heat Cloud architecture


OpenStack Glance Image services


OpenStack Keystone Identity Service


OpenStack Nova computing


OpenStack Horizon dashboard


Start up servers and build your own cloud

Via the control panel or APIs, you can immediately add extra servers, load balancers, routers...
We provide various server configurations (both Linux and Windows) that allow you to expand your system endlessly.

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Minimum €7.09 per month.
Right now, you will only pay a setup fee of € 45.54.

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