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OpenStack features

Build your own network with OpenStack

This powerful open source network includes several components, each one controlling a specific part of your network. This way, you can expand your network endlessly in countless ways.

Virtual hard disks


Block storage allows you to create virtual hard disks. Use them as new instance disks or attach them as extra disks to existing instances.
Thanks to the built-in snapshot options, your data can be backed up without any difficulty.
Virtual hard disks are ideal for database applications and persistent storage of your data.

  • Full SSD: In order to ensure fast performance, Combell uses full SSD technology.

Endless storage possibilities

Coming Soon

Expand your storage possibilities with object storage, which saves all the data as an object. This is why this storage method is often used to save massive amounts of information. Just think of backups and static web content, such as pictures and videos.

Flexible network management


OpenStack allows you to manage and configure your own network using software instead of cables and hardware.
Therefore, it is the ideal solution when you need to scale up quickly.

Efficient computing power


Via the Nova component, OpenStack makes efficient use of all the computers in your network and allows you to scale up with virtually no limits.
It is therefore possible to use inexpensive standard hardware to manage your cloud applications.



Images are a bit like templates that can be reused. This way, you do not need to start from scratch every time and can save time.

Access management


Keystone manages your access to the various OpenStack components.



Check your usage, the load on your servers, the disk space you use... Very useful for invoicing, but also for creating alarms.

Automation and autoscaling


Configure your infrastructure and determine how it must behave in certain situations.
In combination with the telemetry service (ceilometer), it is possible to automatically adjust your network when certain thresholds are exceeded. You can e.g. set autoscaling to have an extra server start up when traffic peaks.

Control panel


With the Horizon control panel, you can easily manage all aspects of your network. You can create networks and routers, start up servers and configure firewalls and load balancers as you like. The possibilities are almost endless.

Discover the control panel

OpenStack is more than just a cloud platform

OpenStack - OpenSource

Large open source community

OpenStack has one of the fastest growing open source networks in the world. This community of developers and technicians make sure that updates are available every half year.

OpenStack by NASA

Developed by NASA

NASA started the OpenStack project. By making the code open source, it has now become one of the most reliable and powerful platforms to manage a cloud network.

Renowned brands use OpenStack


Free advice on how to get started with OpenStack?

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