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Calculate your domain value with a domain value calculator

Calculate your domain value with a domain value calculator

  • 8 December 2023
  • Reading time: 6 min

Do you ever consider selling your home for a pittance? Probably not! Do the same with your domain name. Use a 'domain value calculator' to calculate the value. We share tips so you don't give in too soon 😉

DNS Belgium changes procedure .be domain name

DNS Belgium introduced an additional step for the registration of a .BE domain name

  • 10 March 2022
  • Reading time: 4 min

Soon .be domain names may not be usable immediately after registration: you will first have to prove your identity.

ICANN verification e-mail for identity control

Prevent your domain name from being blocked (by checking your mailbox)

  • 6 January 2022
  • Reading time: 3 min

A new domain often comes with an identity check via e-mail. Don't forget to confirm this, or you risk having a blocked domain name.

What is the best domain name strategy?

  • 24 April 2020
  • Reading time: 7 min

You want to get your business online. And you are thinking about the future – the international market is your final goal. What is the best domain name strategy when...

Cheap domain names

So you want to buy a cheap domain name? Be careful!

  • 6 November 2019
  • Reading time: 5 min

When it comes to choosing a company to register your domain name with, focusing on the price alone may not be the smartest thing to do. Because a cheap domain...

Survey by DNS Belgium: more attention to domain name and security

  • 15 April 2019
  • Reading time: 5 min

Insites Consulting carried out a survey on behalf of DNS Belgium into domain name extensions to gain an understanding of the domain name market. Part of the survey was to...

Tips to choose a good domain name

8 handy tips to choose a good domain name

  • 3 April 2019
  • Reading time: 6 min

Would you like to get started on the Internet? In that case, choosing a good domain name is essential. But how do you choose a good domain name? And what...

eu web awards 2018

The .eu Web Awards reward the best .eu websites

  • 20 September 2018
  • Reading time: 2 min

In order to stress the importance of .eu domain names, EURid is presenting the .eu Web Awards for the fourth year in a row. And a Combell customer has also...

Nieuwe gebruikersvoorwaarden .be domeinnamen

New terms of use for .be domain names

  • 12 April 2018
  • Reading time: 3 min

All registrants (i.e. the owners) of a .be domain name will soon receive an e-mail from registry operator DNS Belgium announcing changes to the terms of use for .be domain...

Hosting and domain names in 2017: evaluation

Hosting and domain names in 2017: evaluation

  • 29 May 2017
  • Reading time: 6 min

Now that an increasing number of retailers have turned to e-commerce, all aspects of the digital infrastructure have become essential. These aspects range from hosting to domain names, including SSL...


The new policy for transferring domains

  • 2 November 2016
  • Reading time: 2 min

ICANN has introduced a new policy, which will come into effect as of 1 December 2016. With the aim of tackling abuse when transferring domain names. What is this all...

New domain names awareness grows

New domain names: awareness grows

  • 19 June 2015
  • Reading time: 2 min

ICANN wants to measure the popularity of the new domain extensions by running several successive studies. A first report has just been released. Here are a few results… Since the...