Combell recognised for its green hosting services

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Do you know if your hosting provider uses renewable energy? You can check this on the Green Web Foundation website. In any case, Combell goes for green hosting!

A recent study conducted by Emerson Network Power has identified various data centre trends for 2016. One of them is the observation that social responsibility makes its presence felt. Now that the de EU directive on energy efficiency aims to reduce the EU’s primary energy use by 20% by 2020, data centres are also required to focus on sustainability, and thus renewable energy.

The Green Web Foundation checks how green websites are

Does your website use green hosting

The Green Web Foundation is an organisation that aims to encourage this trend. It has released a tool that allows anyone to check if a hosting provider is green, and thus if it uses renewable energy. Otherwise, the company is coloured grey on the map. The organisation also developed a web app that shows how green the websites you visit are.

Since 2010, more than half a billion websites have already been checked, which means the foundation has a huge amount of data at its disposal. These data show that Germany has the largest amount of green hosted domains among the top 1 million sites, with 43,555 green domains. The Netherlands perform quite well too: they come third, with 10,856 green domains. As for Belgium, we come 10th in the ranking with 470 domains.

Combell goes for green hosting

Combell is proud to be part of Belgium’s 7 green hosting companies that have been recognised by the organisation. If you enter the name of a website hosted by Combell on the web app, you will get a green smiley.

The green web foundation label for green hostingVia a special code, you can also put the label, which confirms that your website is hosted green by Combell, on your own website. This way, you will also encourage other websites to choose green hosting. And, all together, we will make our planet more sustainable!