How Combell is actively creating a greener future

How Combell is actively creating a greener future

  • 3 May 2024
  • Reading time: 4 min

Although research indicates that Combell is well on its way to becoming a decisively green hosting company, we aim to launch even more actions and projects to reduce our CO₂ emissions. For this, we can rely on our international hosting family,

Combell Shield: with this unique defense system, hackers don't stand a chance

Combell Shield: with this unique defense system, hackers don’t stand a chance

  • 4 August 2023
  • Reading time: 7 min

Protect your company online with Combell Shield: discover the powerful cybersecurity solution for a secure digital transformation.

Local hosting

Do you host your website at a local provider? Don’t underestimate the importance!

  • 25 November 2022
  • Reading time: 6 min

Home made, we love it. But what about your web hosting package? Opting for local web hosting is not only better for our own economy.

Beware of cheap web hosting

Are you looking for the cheapest web hosting? Here is what to look out for!

  • 11 March 2021
  • Reading time: 7 min

Are you looking for cheap web hosting? Price is of course important when choosing the best web hosting, but other factors are actually even more important.

Start online - what do you need for your website

What building blocks do you need to get your website online?

  • 17 October 2020
  • Reading time: 15 min

What exactly does “web hosting” mean? What types are there? What do you need to consider when choosing a web hosting provider? And what else do you need to get...

How does your server location influence the SEO of your website?

  • 11 July 2018
  • Reading time: 3 min

Does Google take the location of the servers of your web hosting into account? And if so, which location is the most suitable? And is hosting in Belgium a plus...

Hosting and domain names in 2017: evaluation

Hosting and domain names in 2017: evaluation

  • 29 May 2017
  • Reading time: 6 min

Now that an increasing number of retailers have turned to e-commerce, all aspects of the digital infrastructure have become essential. These aspects range from hosting to domain names, including SSL...

combell new hosting

Combell revamps it’s hosting range: fewer packages, more features!

  • 8 December 2016
  • Reading time: 2 min

We thought our hosting range lacked clarity. This is why we are proud to present our new hosting packages: Essential, Professional and Expert. From five packages to three Today, hosting...

wordpress scaling

Thijs Feryn about WordPress scaling

  • 27 October 2016
  • Reading time: < 1 min

WordPress remains the world’s most popular Content Management System – it powers more than 27% of large and small websites, and this percentage continues to rise. Therefore, the WordPress community...

A decent hosting provider does more than you think

  • 27 October 2015
  • Reading time: 2 min

Providing hosting services requires expertise that goes far beyond just webspace and bandwidth. These are the three pillars you may not have thought of yet that form the foundation of...