Combell revamps it’s hosting range: fewer packages, more features!

We thought our hosting range lacked clarity. This is why we are proud to present our new hosting packages: Essential, Professional and Expert.

From five packages to three

Today, hosting is so much more than just renting space on a server in order to host your website. Over the last few years, tons of options have emerged, making it quite hard to see the wood for the trees and know for sure which hosting package best suits your needs.

This is why we have decided to radically change our approach and thus went from five to three packages, whose names clearly indicate who they have been designed for: Essential, Professional and Expert.

In addition to this, the packages with the popular CMSs such as WordPress, Drupal, Magento and Joomla! will remain unchanged. As was the case before, these packages will be fully installed and activated at no extra charge, so that you can start working right away.

Plenty of features

Although the new packages differ in certain key features, all of them offer the same amazing range of features. In concrete terms, this means that the packages differ at the level of webspace, the number of MySQL databases, the number of mailboxes, the number of FTP users, the number of websites you can host on a single package, the number of PHP workers, and the PHP memory limit.

Apart from that, all packages (even the Essential package) offer the same features, including:

  • 20 x faster hosting thanks to SSDs;
  • Free domain name for the first year, with an unlimited number of linked domains and subdomains;
  • Unlimited data traffic, unlimited number of e-mail addresses;
  • A unique control panel that Combell developed in-house, which allows you to very easily configure index and error pages, secure folders and files, separate web directories, scripts, tasks and cron jobs and SSL;
  • Excellent security via Combell Shield and 24/7 support provided by our team of experts, as well as expert tools such as Zend Optimizer, IonCube, free Let’s Encrypt SSL certificates and daily backup;
  • A 99.999% uptime guarantee and quality guarantee confirmed by an ISO 9001:27001 certificate.

Extra options: everything is possible!

You will notice that the caching options are no longer included by default in our packages. Not everyone needs caching via Varnish or Redis. By providing these caching solutions as options, we have also been able to lower the price of the basic range that includes the many features.

By the way, other features are available as options that you can add to your package. Just think of a static IP address, extra databases, a premium SSL certificate, extra mailboxes or Exchange mailboxes, etc. In other words, everything is possible! But there is more: our teams constantly develop additional features (more about this later...).

Feel free to check out the specifications of the different hosting packages and options that Combell provides. You will notice that it has now become much easier to put a package together that perfectly suits your needs. By the way, we are currently offering introductory prices on our new packages. And if you order a package for several years, we will offer you extra discounts!