Cloud security

Good security helps prevent downtime and loss of earnings

Would you like to switch to the cloud? Or maybe you already did, but are still worried about hackers and malware? Combell keeps your cloud environment secure, with the best protection and the latest technology.

  • Always the best security for your data at all levels
  • ISO certified data security
  • Protection against the toughest threats, from DDoS attacks to viruses
  • Outstanding SLA guarantees ensuring you stay online at all times
Cloud security
A permanent protection. That is our promise.

A permanent protection. That is our promise.

With the proper protection, the cloud is the best place to keep your business data safe. Combell protects your data against DDoS attacks, viruses, malware and other cyberattacks with the best security technology currently available on the market, including the encryption of your data by means of SSL. This way, we make sure that you can rest easy.

The best protection. Guaranteed.

The ultimate cloud security consists of several layers. Threats are everywhere. That is why Combell ensures multi-level security.

  • Advanced online security

Protection against viruses, malware and other cyberattacks is a must for any cloud environment. With Combell, you can rely on the best firewalls, as well as on the latest and most powerful security technology on the market.

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  • Secure network and connections

Your physical servers and your online environment are not the only things that need protecting; the connections between them must be protected as well. Thanks to our fibre optic network, our various data centres in Belgium and the Netherlands are connected and merged into one logical network. This powerful structure, which forms the core of Combell, ensures outstanding performance, maximum security, as well as the best precautionary measures when dealing with emergencies. We also provide secure connections to our network, for which we offer both VPN and MPLS solutions.

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  • Physical security

Given that cybercrime is not the only security risk, we make sure that our data centres and servers are also physically protected. Against fire, but also against burglary, vandalism or unforeseen natural disasters.

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  • ISO 27001 certification

The best guarantee that Combell takes your data security seriously? In 2011, Combell was the first hosting provider to achieve ISO 27001 certification. Because we respect the trust our customers place in us.

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  • A powerful network offering protection against DDoS attacks

DDoS attacks can cause congestion in smaller networks, as happens on highways during the morning rush hour. But our network is able to handle all that traffic, as if the highway suddenly had 100 lanes. And as soon as we detect the attack, we also take action to block all that "polluting" traffic. That way, your website will continue to run smoothly!

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  • Guaranteed backups

  • Daily full backup (snapshot) of your hosting environment
  • Stored in an external storage location in another data centre
  • We retain everything during 30 days
  • Recovery is possible down to file level
  • Always a full backup you can use immediately in case of emergency (disaster recovery)

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The benefits of cloud security

  • Reduce business risks to an absolute minimum

With the right security for your systems, you do not give hackers, malware and other disaster scenarios a chance. Moreover, Combell ensures you are prepared for everything, so that you do not have to worry about anything.

With proactive monitoring, we keep a close eye on your applications and systems. As soon as we notice something suspicious, our experts take action and do whatever is necessary to protect your data.

Your applications and IT systems are the core of your organisation. They are indispensable for both your collaborators and your customers. That is why it is vital to keep them running, so that you can offer the productivity, flexibility and service everyone expects. Combell's cloud security will help you achieve this goal.


"InTouch must establish a connection to the National Register. Data security is very important in this context."

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Tom de Winne
CEO InTouch

Technology used for this service

Let our experts guide you

Let our experts guide you

We take your business as seriously as you do. That is why we keep an eye on the security of your infrastructure.

Our security experts will help you with many issues:
  • Choosing the right cloud security for your business
  • Managing the migration of your systems to the cloud
  • Tailored advice and monitoring for improving security
  • Maintenance and monitoring of your cloud environment
Let our experts guide you

Why Combell?

Combell keeps your cloud solution secure and stable thanks to high-quality hardware and ample capacity. You can rely on:

  • The strongest security measures on the market

  • Fully redundant private connections between multiple data centres

  • Protection against the toughest DDoS attacks

  • ISO 27001 certified data security for the ultimate security


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