WordPress 4.3 beta 1 is available

Surprising new features in the new beta 1 version of WordPress 4.3 include menu management options, the possibility to manage your site’s favicon and better passwords.

wordpress logo wordpress 4.3Version 4.3 of the popular WordPress content management system is due out next month. Last week, WordPress has released a first beta version. WordPress users can try it and, based on their comments, the final 4.3 version will be released soon (once all bugs have been fixed).

It goes without saying that it is not recommended to run this beta version directly on your WordPress production site. Instead, you can use the WordPress Beta Tester plug-in, which has been developed especially for users who want to try the new version. If you prefer to use the original code anyway, you can download the beta version (zip file).

What are the main new features?

  • Passwords are now more secure. The life time of password resets will be limited. Passwords are no longer sent via e-mail. And secure passwords are automatically generated.
  • You can now manage menus with the Menu Customizer. Live preview changes you are making without your visitors noticing.
  • Manage your site’s favicon and app icon with the Site Icon feature.
  • The editor works according to the markdown principle. Text patterns are now automatically transformed as you type. With * and -, you can e.g. make unordered lists. For ordered lists, you can use 1. and 1). For blockquotes, type >, and for headings, type two ##.
  • The dashboard has also been revamped so that you can get a better view on small screen devices. Columns are no longer truncated when viewing a list.

For further information about the new features, please read the article posted on the WordPress blog.

As usual, Combell will automatically make the necessary updates at the appropriate time if you went for preinstalled WordPress hosting. If you chose to install WordPress yourself, you are free to update whenever you want.

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