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More than 80% chose web hosting

  • For any website and CMS
  • Ideal for getting started
  • Most popular hosting

Normal price € 18.49/month

Now € 5.99/month

Web hosting

  • For any WordPress website
  • WordPress is preinstalled
  • Choose from WordPress 4, 5 or 6

Normal price € 18.49/month

Now € 5.99/month

WordPress hosting

Best choice for WordPress

  • WordPress with Site Assistant
  • Test environments and backups
  • Your website is always up to date

Normal price € 18.49/month

Now € 7.48/month

Managed WordPress

Ideal if you want to
host many websites

  • Sell hosting services under your name
  • Benefit from bulk discounts on hosting
  • Starting from 5 packages

Starting at €7.89/month

Bulk discount up to €4.69/month

Reseller hosting

  • For any Drupal website
  • Drupal is preinstalled
  • For any Drupal website

Normal price € 18.49/month

Now € 5.99/month

Drupal hosting

  • For any Joomla website
  • Joomla is preinstalled
  • Choose between Joomla 3 and 4

Normal price € 18.49/month

Now € 5.99/month

Joomla hosting

  • For any .NET website
  • .NET Core support
  • .NET versions 2.0 and 4.8

Normal price € 16.79/month

Now € 5.99/month

.NET hosting

Extreme performance

  • Powerful server for large websites and apps
  • As simple as web hosting
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee (SLA)

Now € 229.00/month

Dedicated web hosting

Powerful custom solutions

  • Public, Private and Hybrid cloud servers
  • We manage everything
  • 99.999% uptime guarantee

Prices on request

Tailored server

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Get your website or app online thanks to hosting

It all starts with reliable hosting

Reliable hosting is the cornerstone of any online success story. We make sure everything runs smoothly and is protected from hackers.

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Get your website or app online thanks to hosting

Extensions for your hosting

Protect your website with HTTPS

Prevent hacking by using an SSL certificate: this will ensure your website is available via HTTPS. With the S of Security.

Larger databases

When your database is full, you can add an additional database to your website (up to 10 GB).

Cloud backups

Protect your website with an additional backup in the cloud. This service is available for any type of hosting or platform.

Extensions for your hosting

The best support, around the clock

Available 24/7, even on Christmas Eve

The Internet never sleeps, and neither does our support. You can thus contact our WordPress experts around the clock.

Via e-mail, chat or toll-free phone number

Contact us in the way that suits you best. We are here to answer your questions in your own language.

support team

Free transfer service

Would you like to transfer your website to Combell? We can do it for you. For free!

Better code, faster hosting

Our performance team will find out why your website is slow and show you how to make it faster.









PHP <small>(FPM)</small>


Auto GIT <small>(GIT Integratie)</small>

Auto GIT (GIT Integratie)



MySQL <small>(Percona)</small>

MySQL (Percona)
















And more…

With Combell, you can move forward, thanks to a stable and fast hosting

Enjoy the best hardware.

Thanks to ongoing investments in our hosting, your website will always perform at its best.

Swoosh. That's the sound your website makes.

Combell is the only provider that will offer you free caching. Ultra-fast loading times guaranteed.

Always online

With an uptime of 99.999%, you benefit from the best guarantee on the market. As is the case for banks and hospitals.

Backup hardware

In case of failures, we automatically switch to backup hardware to reduce downtime.

Excellent network connectivity

Our data centres are directly connected to the largest ISPs (such as Telenet and Proximus).

Belgium's best data centre

Our data centres are fully protected and backed up. This ensures that your website will always be online.

The load time of our web pages is almost four times shorter

Alexander Hoogewijs

Alexander Hoogewijs
CEO, SiteManager

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Hackers or viruses?
No way!

Security vulnerabilities are automatically fixed

Is there a security risk in the code of your website? We will detect it in no time and fix the vulnerability. Problem solved!

The malware scanner detects viruses

Every day, we thoroughly scan for corrupted files and immediately quarantine them.

Firewalls and DDoS protection

Multiple firewalls ensure the security of your website. Our unique Combell Shield prevents bot traffic and DDoS attacks.

Enjoy the best security thanks to Combell Shield
Always secure thanks to HTTPS

The people who visit your website can navigate safely thanks to a free SSL certificate that allows to establish an HTTPS connection.

Protection against infections

Web filters prevent infections such as SQL injections, rootkits or brute-force attacks.

Firmly locked data centres

In order to keep intruders away, we store your data in highly secure data centres.

Has your website been hacked anyway?

SiteSweep allows us to restore your hacked website. Malicious code is removed so you can get back online quickly and securely.

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251 reviews

A convenient control panel

Your favourite CMS installed with a single click

The control panel allows you to install your favourite Content Management System, such as WordPress, Drupal or Joomla, in just one click.

File Manager

With the File Manager, you can easily make changes without having to establish an FTP connection. Quick and easy. Read more.

FTP & SSH access

Create FTP users or set up SSH access. This will give you direct access to the back-end of your website.

Discover our control panel
A convenient control panel

A test environment with a single click

With Managed WordPress, you can launch a test environment with a single click to try out new features on your website.

phpMyAdmin for your databases

Direct access to your database thanks to the very popular phpMyAdmin.

Connect with AutoGit

Set up a fast deployment pipeline using Autogit. This will help you save time during the development process.Lees meer

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  • Free domain name
  • 24/7 support via e-mail, chat or phone

Do you need any help finding your hosting package?

Feel free to contact Simon, our Hosting and Server specialist

Our specialists are available 24/7 to provide you with free advice. Feel free to contact Merijn and his colleagues via e-mail or by phone.

Feel free to contact Simon, our Hosting and Server specialist
Merijn De Lauw Hosting specialist

Which hosting is best for you?

Find out in our selection guide

Small website or website for beginners

As long as your website is not constantly attracting a lot of visitors, a simple hosting solution is all you need, just like most websites.

Our advice:

  • Web hosting that allows you to easily switch to a superior package if necessary. If you are about to exceed your quota, simply switch to dedicated web hosting.

Starting a blog

In order to start a blog, you need a website on which you can easily upload new content without having to fiddle with the code yourself.

Our advice:

  • WordPress web hosting where we have preinstalled WordPress for you. Install a WordPress theme and you are ready to get started! You do not need any technical knowledge.

Web store

For a web store, you need a reliable hosting solution that grows with your business.

Our advice:

  • ShopBuilder, an all-in-one package for creating and managing your web store by yourself.
  • Web hosting allows you to start small and grow as you become successful. Additional caching options ensure excellent performance, even if you suddenly attract a lot of visitors with a special offer.
  • Magento web hosting, the same advantages as web hosting, but with the Magento web store software preinstalled.
  • WordPress web hosting with a web store plugin such as WooCommerce.
  • Dedicated web hosting if your web store becomes too big for regular web hosting or if you need absolute certainty in terms of uptime.
  • Tailored Managed hosting if you are looking for a tailored solution where your web store, for example, is linked to your CRM system and warehouse.

High traffic websites

With a high traffic website, go for a hosting solution that can handle all that traffic. Otherwise, your website will slow down, and in the worst-case scenario it may even go offline.

Our advice:

  • Dedicated web hosting for a powerful solution that is as easy to use as web hosting.
  • Managed hosting if you need a tailored solution.
  • OpenStack, if you have the necessary technical knowledge in-house to build your own network.

Multiple (small) websites on one server

In order to host multiple websites, you need sufficient space, databases and resources.

Our advice:

  • Reseller hosting if you want to host 5 or more websites. You will have a separate hosting package for each website at a very competitive price.
  • Virtual Private Server (VPS) with complete freedom to create databases.
  • OpenStack if you have the technical knowledge to develop a hosting solution using this platform.

Business-critical websites and applications

If you need to host a website on which your company is very dependent (e.g. a web store or CRM system), we recommend you to choose a server that provides the necessary uptime guarantees. This way, you can avoid downtime and missed sales.

Our advice:

Many traffic peaks and troughs

If the traffic to your website is highly dependent on the time of the year, it is advisable to choose a very flexible hosting solution. One that allows you to continuously scale up or down.

Our advice:

  • Managed hosting with load balancers and virtualisation.
  • OpenStack, where orchestration allows you to automate the setup of your hosting environment based on the current visitor numbers.

Simple test server

If you want to test your projects before launching them online, you just need a simple hosting solution.

Our advice:

  • Managed WordPress, which immediately provides you with a ready-to-use test environment.
  • Web hosting on which you can upload a website in no time.

IT infrastructure outsourcing

Your IT infrastructure is crucial if you want to keep your business running smoothly. That is why it is best to choose a solution that provides uptime guarantees.

Our advice:

  • Managed hosting that provides you with a full setup tailored to your needs. Thanks to a direct connection to your offices, your data can be accessed anywhere in no time.

Working in the cloud / Virtual desktop

You and your colleagues need to be able to access your computers wherever you are? With an Online Desktop solution, every collaborator has his/her own computer in the cloud, to which he/she can log in conveniently using any device.

Our advice:

Backup hosting environment

Do you want a backup environment that can take over instantly in case of emergency? This requires a tailored solution.

Our advice:

  • Managed hosting for which we set up a hybrid backup environment on our infrastructure.
  • Veeam Cloud Connect, which allows us to keep backups of your server in our data centre.

Game server

Play online with friends using your own game server.

Our advice:

Do you need any help finding your hosting package?

Feel free to contact Simon, our Hosting and Server specialist

Our specialists are available 24/7 to provide you with free advice. Feel free to contact Merijn and his colleagues via e-mail or by phone.

Feel free to contact Simon, our Hosting and Server specialist
Merijn De Lauw Hosting specialist