Kevin and Joske upgraded their SiteBuilder website with ShopBuilder: “Seamless!”

Are you still wondering whether you should use our ShopBuilder? Then perhaps our satisfied customers will convince you!


Name: Kevin and Joske from Meet Maurice
Use: Combell's ShopBuilder for
Are satisfied because: With ShopBuilder, they can count on a user-friendly solution and first-class service.


2020 was a banner year for Kevin and Joske. In August, the couple became the proud parents of Maurice, and in November... the proud owners of a web store called Meet Maurice! There, you can buy personalised products.

Kevin and Joske only focus on e-commerce, and therefore do not have a physical shop. The couple decided to use our ShopBuilder, which allowed them to set up their online shop with great ease.

Meet Maurice personalised sweaters

Kevin and Joske, why do you use ShopBuilder?

Meet Maurice sells personalised products online"In August 2020, Joske gave birth to our son Maurice, and that is when we came up with the idea of starting a web store where we personalise all kinds of great products. We offer items like plaids or children's backpacks with your name on them, or personalised barbecue aprons and sweatshirts. Since our shop is only online, our entire business relies on ShopBuilder."


How did you get to know ShopBuilder?

"When we started Meet Maurice, we were looking for an easy way to build a website, without technical knowledge, with good support and for a reasonable price. This is how we ended up choosing Combell's SiteBuilder – a decision we have never regretted."

"At that time, Combell did not offer ShopBuilder yet. Fortunately, they eventually did, because the success of Meet Maurice required a real web store to be added to our site. And that went very smoothly: ShopBuilder and SiteBuilder seamlessly integrate with each other."


Which features of ShopBuilder help your business the most?

"Thanks to ShopBuilder, a lot of tasks have been automated. In the past, we used to send e-mails with our account number after a customer filled in an order form. This process is now fully automated."

"In addition, we no longer have to constantly update our inventory ourselves. Since Meet Maurice specialises in personalised products, it took some creative thinking to figure out how to manage that inventory in the most efficient way. With ShopBuilder, we have been able to do that quite well!"


What do you think is the most important aspect when it comes to a tool like ShopBuilder?

"User-friendliness is without a doubt the most important aspect. We are almost thirty-somethings, which means we can use a computer, but that does not make us IT specialists. That is why we find ShopBuilder so fantastic: it is very easy to use, and it speaks the same language as we do!"

Meet Maurice webshop examples


Has ShopBuilder met your expectations?

"Absolutely. What is more, Combell's excellent IT support was a real surprise to us – and it is completely free! The helpdesk is always incredibly fast and helps us come up with the right solutions."

"In addition to this outstanding service, we are also very happy with the way the app allows us to track orders and payments or perform stock checks. Everything is super handy!"


What are your future plans for Meet Maurice?

"At the moment, Meet Maurice is our side business: it is a side project that we work on with great enthusiasm every day. We see a bright future ahead and hope to be able to develop our plans together with Combell and ShopBuilder."

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Note: When we conducted this interview, Kevin and Joske had a few suggestions about how ShopBuilder could be improved. So we passed them on to our programmers, who are now working on them! Just to say that we are always in tune with our customers 😉.