Combell Shield 2.0: your web hosting even more secure with Combell

Anyone who knows Combell a little knows that we are extremely proud of our Combell Shield. This is a collection of defence systems that ensure the protection of all our web hosting customers. That is why we are very happy to announce that our Combell Shield has been thoroughly upgraded. Discover Combell Shield 2.0, which now offers even better protection of your shared hosting with Combell!

A new 'bouncer'

The biggest enhancement to our Combell Shield is the addition of an extra component that screens all attacks, before they even reach your website's server.

Just like you have a bouncer at the door of a nightclub, there is now a gatekeeper at the entrance to Combell Shield. This is a separate component that sits in front of your server and protects your shared hosting environment.

This way, your web server itself does not have to deal with attacks anymore, and all its processing power can be used to improve the performance of your website.

Protected shared hosting

The comprehensive Combell Shield protects all the customers who use our 'shared hosting' (or 'web hosting'). With shared hosting, several customers share a server to store their respective websites, which are neatly separated from each other.

Combell meets the highest standards for shared hosting. Whereas with other hosting companies, you can often be inconvenienced by other websites on your shared server, with Combell, you will not experience any inconvenience at all. And certainly not with our Combell Shield 2.0 😉.

Screening all requests

Our new version makes Combell Shield even smarter. Before a request reaches your server, it first has to pass through our gatekeeper, which screens each request.

When there is something fishy about a request, it does not stand a chance of getting past Combell Shield. This way, suspicious requests cannot come close to the server that hosts your website.

A request

When someone visiting your website wants to see a page, he or she sends a request to your website's server. Every action on your website (downloading something, viewing a new page, etc.) requires a request.

A DDoS attack is caused by a cybercriminal who sends a large number of simultaneous requests to a website. The website's server then has to process this large number of requests and becomes unusually slow (or crashes altogether).

In the event of an attack, bogus requests are blocked and our experts are notified. They can then discuss with the owner of the website to find out if the requests are actually suspicious or not.

Combell Shield 2.0 now also monitors the visitor capacity of each website. When the request limit (rate limit) of a certain website is exceeded, we can check whether the requests are legitimate. If necessary, our experts will increase the request limit for that website.

Tinkering under the hood without downtime

When your website or application is not available, you can lose a lot of money in lost customers or lost revenues.

One of the great advantages of the Combell GateKeeper is that it makes your website or application more available. In the past, when you wanted to add a caching layer to your hosting, you had to change your DNS settings, which sometimes made your website temporarily unavailable.

However, this downtime issue is now a thing of the past, as you no longer have to make any changes when adding caching to your hosting package. The new version of Combell Shield also eliminates possible downtime for other adjustments.

Are you wondering how much downtime costs your business? Calculate the cost of downtime!

Calculate the cost of downtime

The future will bring even more security

At Combell, we constantly invest in the optimal security of the services you purchase from us. Be sure to keep an eye on our blog, because we will soon have many new security features for you!

Do you want to benefit from Combell Shield yourself? Choose Combell's shared hosting!