How does Combell protect you against DDoS attacks?

DDoS attacks are becoming more frequent and more sophisticated. That is why it is essential to protect yourself against such attacks. Combell has developed a comprehensive strategy to make sure our customers can work as securely and smoothly as possible.

DDoS attacks are attacks that aim to slow down your server or website, or to bring them down altogether, by having lots and lots of (fake) 'people' visit your website. Fortunately, you do not have to wait for such an attack feeling like a deer caught in the headlights: there are ways to better protect yourself against DDoS attacks. Such as being a customer of Combell 😉!

Customers can rest easy

As a Combell customer, you do not have to worry about the security of your website, application or server: you benefit from the measures we take without even noticing – so let us have a closer look at them!

The camera crew from Kanaal Z dropped by our premises to shed some light on our security measures. In the video below, Wesley (one of our chief technology officers) explains what DDoS actually is and how we at Combell protect ourselves against it.

Everything is up to date

Older systems, software or websites are more vulnerable to cyberattacks. This is because the security of older systems is simply not as tight as it should be. Just think of your own front door for a second: the lock on an old door is also much easier to break than a newly installed door with a multipoint lock!

That is why Combell makes sure that the customer's environment – the servers on which websites and data are stored – is always up to date, with very frequent updates.

Due diligence

Nobody can guarantee with absolute certainty that they will be able to avoid or block DDoS attacks. We at Combell know this too, which is why we do our utmost to maintain our systems with due diligence: this way, we will not become an easy prey for DDoS attackers.

Like a good father who constantly invests in home security, we make sure that our systems work as smoothly as possible, and we are committed to constantly expanding our capacity. After all, DDoS attacks cause a lot of traffic on your website or server. And the more capacity we have, the smaller the risk that our lines to the Internet become overloaded.

Direct lines between Combell and Internet providers

In addition, we also have direct connections to all Internet providers: DDoS attackers cannot reach these connections and disrupt the traffic between us and the providers with their attack. This way, our customers' visitors do not notice anything when an attack is launched!

Scrubbing Service

With our scrubbing service, we monitor all traffic to our systems. If any incoming request smells like DDoS, we immediately redirect it. This way, legitimate traffic can continue to get through smoothly, while the 'bad' traffic is 'stuck' somewhere else and does not inconvenience anyone. This ensures that our customers' applications or platforms remain accessible during a DDoS attack. While other hosting providers take their websites offline as a preventative measure, your website will remain accessible with us!

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