Combell’s values

The foundations of our identity

What do we stand for?

Playing a leading and ambitious role as a sustainable independent service provider in the field of hosting IT systems, infrastructure & services for and through the Internet. Ensuring that the IT infrastructure and IT services become available to everyone (individuals and companies) as public facilities for and through the Internet.

As a service provider, our infrastructure and services will be a great asset to you and will not only bring you peace of mind, but also make everyone's life much easier, since your collaborators will be able to focus on their core business instead of taking care of IT.


Combell follows its own path. We are a 100% private company and are totally independent from providers, technologies and multinationals. This way, you can always rely on an objective solution tailored to your needs.


Combell strongly believes in the 'do what you're good at' principle. We are not an IT company that also provides hosting services; we are absolute experts who focus on all aspects of hosting.


We pride ourselves on constantly striving to improve quality, through our entire company: from the provision of services to the investments in infrastructure, hardware and software, including collaborators and processes.


Our market is that of the Benelux; our language is that of our customers.


Combell attaches a great deal of importance to quality. We are renowned for our 24/7 support service.

Innovation and entrepreneurship

We are passionate about new technologies, innovation and entrepreneurship.

Corporate Social Responsibility

For years, Combell has been driven by several values. In this context, we aim for sustainability in our business and our relationships with our collaborators, customers and suppliers. As a fast growing company, we recognize the necessity to formally give shape to our commitment with regard to social entrepreneurship.

4 working themes within SE
With our "Principles for social entrepreneurship", we commit to develop a growth process in which, in collaboration with our staff, customers and suppliers, we aim to achieve our economical, social and ecological objectives.

In a continuous process, we evaluate in which fields a potential change in our business activities could help achieve our economical, social and ecological objectives. Our commitment mainly revolves around the following four themes:


Our customers

We build sustainable relationships with our customers. In our daily provision of services, we aim to make our customers see our assets. Our customer service takes the present and future needs of the customers into account and attaches a great deal of importance to both the provision of services and the quality of the products. Since 2007, we are one of the first hosting providers in the Benelux to have an ISO 9001:2015 quality label. Certification according to the ISO 27001:2013 standard (information security) is planned for 2011.

ISO9001 ISO27001



Combell believes that, owing to their capacity to innovate and the exemplary role they play for a large number of consumers, IT companies can significantly contribute to a sustainable world. Combell commits to introduce a sustainable acquisition, use, reuse and recycling policy for all products and services we use, from IT hardware and data centres to office and IT supplies.

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Our collaborators

For more than 15 years already, our collaborators have been taking care of more than +167.752 satisfied customers in the Benelux. We want to give our collaborators reasons to fully dedicate themselves to their work at Combell during their entire professional career. That is why we offer career opportunities and professional training to employees who contribute to the company's growth.


Social commitment

We play an important role in supporting communities, through partnerships and ad hoc actions, both in Belgium and beyond. So, we can share our IT expertise with the field of education and initiatives undertaken by private organisations, we regularly lend IT infrastructure for humanitarian aid actions and are "Diamond Investor" of ecoFoundation.