NetApp storage

Reliable storage

High performance storage

With SSD storage

The central storage infrastructure (SAN) uses NetApp technology.
For this, we went for AFF NetApp with full SSD disks. That guarantees the best performance.

If required, we can also provide SAS disks with SSD accelerations.

High performance storage
Ready for emergencies

Ready for emergencies

Thanks to a redundant configuration

Each NetApp controller is connected redundantly thanks to an N+1 configuration. This means a controller can fail at any time without you experiencing any inconvenience.

Multiple disks are connected to these redundant controllers, in a RAID 6 configuration with multiple backup disks. Together, the controllers create a cluster, which makes it easier to switch workloads.

This way, multiple hard disks can fail at the same time without affecting your hosting.

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Separate network for storage

For even better performance

The system’s resources for storage are completely separated in their strictly isolated LUN on the NetApp storage infrastructure. This approach has many advantages for your application.

  • Good for security: not connected to the Internet and therefore protected from attacks from the outside.
  • Better performance: the storage network is specifically tuned for storage traffic.
  • More stability: designed to minimise the risks of problems and data loss.

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Separate network for storage
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