Backing up your Azure environment

A virus, a hacker, a computer crash... there is a threat to your business data lurking around every corner. That is why a reliable backup of your Azure environment is essential.

  • An Azure native backup solution
  • Physically separated from your live environment, for ultimate protection
  • With an extremely short time to recovery
  • Your Azure data are always available, even in the event of a disaster
  • Our experts take care of the implementation
Cloud back-up

Why choose Veeam Backup for Azure?

The easiest and most reliable way to back up your data

Fully automated

We fully automatically create Azure native snapshots and backups of all your data. No more messing around with proprietary scripts, agents or manual processes.

Azure SQL backups

Backing up and restoring your Azure SQL databases has never been easier.

The easiest and most reliable way to back up your data

Designed for optimum speed and security

Restore backups in seconds, not minutes

Restore an entire instance, a volume or individual files in seconds. Or as Veeam itself puts it, near-zero RTOs.

Protect your data from ransomware

Your backups are stored in a location that is physically separated from your production environment to protect them from intruders. Did a hacker manage to break into your system? You still have your backup to fall back on.

Compliance targets achieved

Our Veeam Cloud backup solution helps you fully achieve your compliance goals.

Designed for optimum speed and security

Manage your backups freely

Move or restore your backups to wherever you want

There are no restrictions on moving your data from Azure to other public cloud platforms or on-premise solutions.

Centralise everything in one platform

Centralise all your Azure backups in one platform. The RESTful API allows you to integrate your Azure backups with other workflows and apps and to automate them.

Manage your backups freely
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How much does downtime cost your company?

Downtime costs money, but do you know how much money you actually lose when your site or online application is unavailable?

Calculate the cost of your downtime

Let our experts guide you

Let our experts guide you

We take your business as seriously as you do. That is why we keep an eye on every aspect of your cloud backup.

Our experts will be happy to help you with the following:
  • Choosing the right cloud solution for your business
  • Choosing, implementing and following up the right backups
  • Tailored advice and guidance
  • Maintenance and monitoring of your cloud environment
Let our experts guide you


Do you believe cloud backups can be a valuable asset?

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