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What is ICANN?

And why is it so important?

ICANN is a non-profit public organisation, which makes policy and decisions for the Internet through a multi-stakeholder model. In particular for domain names, this organisation lays down the rules, like what happens with your domain name after your registration expiry date.

What happens after the expiry date of my domain name?

Well before the expiry date of your domain name, we will send you a notification via regular mail and e-mail. You can then choose to renew your domain name or let it expire.

  • If you decide to let your domain name expire, no additional costs will be incurred. But your domain will become available for others to register.
  • If you decide to renew your domain name, you will remain its owner and will have to pay the regular annual price.

If you ever forget to pay on time, do not panic! Thanks to the protection mechanism developed by ICANN, your domain is not automatically released to the public.
This is one of the many advantages of having your customer register a domain via an accredited partner such as Combell.

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What are my rights as a domain name owner?

By registering your domain name with an accredited registrar such as Combell, you can benefit from the rights ICANN grants to domain names owners.

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Free advice about domain names?

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Our specialists are available 24/7 to give you free advice about domain names. Feel free to contact Simon and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.

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