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Why have your virtual machine hosted by Combell?

Do you want to host a virtual machine? In that case, go for Combell Openstack Cloud, Managed VPS or managed hosting.
We have been focusing on quality and reliability since 1999. This approach, combined with our
24/7 premium support and our reliable network, makes Combell the best choice.

Superfast and reliable network

Combell Shield protects your virtual machines against intruders and malware. If security issues are discovered, we will handle them proactively for you. This is the most complete protection against intruders and malware currently available on the market.

Multi-cluster environment

All the infrastructure we use for our Virtual Machines run on separate clusters. Each application (servers, database, DNS, e-mail...) is configured optimally, according to its needs. This way, updates are performed without causing downtime, which is one of the unique features of our advanced cluster technology.

High availability and redundant

The guarantee of a 100% secure server environment thanks to automatic patching combined with advanced firewalls.

Automatic backups

With our Virtual Machine hosting, we make a full backup of your virtual machines every night. This way, we can guarantee you that you will never lose data. If, despite this precaution, you have deleted a file by accident, we will restore it immediately upon request.

Award-winning hosting provider

The constant aim for quality, innovation and a 24/7 personal approach seems to be a success formula, which has already helped us win several awards, including best helpdesk & service, best infrastructure provider, and many more... Check them out here.

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Renowned brands trust Combell

A service-minded and solution-driven approach is what we strive for. And who better than our customers to convince you of this?

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Protection against attacks

Combell Shield protects your Virtual Machine against intruders and malware. If security issues are discovered, Combell Shield will handle them automatically and immediately.

Active network monitoring

Hypermodern firewalls and permanent monitoring services provided by our engineers ensure the best protection available on the market against attacks from the outside.

Automatic security updates

With automatic patching, we secure the most critical leaks and backdoors to your Virtual Machine. Along with a powerful firewall, we guarantee a 100% secure Virtual Machine hosting environment.

Highly secure data centre

Your VPS is hosted in a data centre where physical monitoring is carried out 24/7. You are not allowed to enter the premises without prior screening.

Combell Support Team

24/7 free helpdesk with each virtual machine hosting

By chosing virtual machine hosting with Combell, you go for a server provider that sees you as a priority.
This is why our support team is always available to assist you, 24/7, even on Christmas Eve, for free.

Award-winning solutions

Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2017
Twinkle Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016

A trouble-free virtual machine

A Virtual Machine with Combell offers countless possibilities.
You can e.g. choose between an unmanaged VPS solution (OpenStack) or a managed VPS solution.

  • Allocate more resources with a single click

    Do you have full control over your virtual machine? You can allocate less or more resources to your virtual machine in a single click via our powerful control panel. And if there is any problem, our helpdesk is available to assist you 24/7!

  • 20 times faster thanks to SSDs

    Our virtual machine hosting will load up to 20 times faster thanks to our SSD infrastructure. Storage on ultrafast SSD disks is activated with each server. SSDs are up to 20 times faster than traditional HDD hard disks; you will especially notice this when using applications that send many requests with random I/O (input-output) operations.

  • Money-back guarantee

    Quality and service are key values for Combell. That is why we offer a money-back guarantee with each Virtual Machine. This guarantee is valid for 90 days after purchase.

  • Free server transfer service

    Transfer your Virtual Machine without downtime, without losing time and without risk of errors. Our server experts will arrange a seamless transfer to Combell with a personal service. And this service is free of charge!

Do you have any further questions about Virtual Machine hosting?

Virtual machine hosting expert for Combell

Our Virtual Machine specialists are available 24/7 for free advice. Feel free to contact Simon and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.

Virtual machine hosting expert for Combell
Simon Verdonck Server expert