A new generation in security

Secure your managed server with SentinelOne. More than just an antivirus solution.

SentinelOne allows you to protect yourself against all possible threats. Install SentinelOne on your managed server with Combell and enjoy complete protection that becomes more intelligent by the day.

A single platform for many features.

  • Protection from threats before they even penetrate your system
  • Analysis of potentially dangerous processes
  • Action in the form of isolation, recovery or rollback
  • Detection of intrusions that have not yet caused any damage
  • Data leak prevention
  • Automatic immunity of endpoints for new threats
  • Real-time malware monitoring
  • Much, much more.

A new approach to security

Whereas traditional antivirus solutions focus on 'signatures' of malware in order to identify it, SentinelOne goes one step further.

Each 'entrance' to your server - through which data come in - is protected by a SentinelOne checkpoint. This checkpoint is able to identify and neutralise new threats thanks to advanced machine learning and thorough behavioural analysis. SentinelOne carefully checks all your files, before and during their execution.

Since SentinelOne technology does not use signatures like traditional antivirus solutions do, you do not have to worry about network-intensive updates. Your SentinelOne develops itself, without constant updates or daily scans.

A new approach to security
The most recommended solution

The most recommended solution

SentinelOne is becoming more and more popular, and that is quite understandable. SentinelOne achieved the highest rating in numerous reports and reviews. Among its customers are banks, government agencies and service providers.

The new standard on your server

Go for complete security and install SentinelOne on your server.

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