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Buy a server from Combell

Your own server is hosted securely in our Cloud and offers a 99.999% uptime guarantee

Build your cloud yourself

Create and manage your own server cluster in the cloud yourself

  • Based on OpenStack
  • Start up servers in just a few seconds
  • Manage everything yourself

From €5.00/month

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Managed VPS

Your own VPS that we manage. Choose from standard packages.

  • Shared hardware, OS & CPU
  • Limited scalability
  • Ready for use

From €19.50/month

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Tailored Cloud Hosting

We build and manage your cloud server infrastructure

  • Public, private and hybrid cloud
  • Based on VMware & OpenStack
  • SLAs with recovery guarantees


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Why buy a server from Combell?

Do you plan to buy a server? In that case, choose Combell to put your server online.
Combell is the largest hosting provider in the Benelux and has been in the hosting business since 1999

Combell Hosting

Reliable and fast network

The performance of online servers is highly dependent on the underlying network. We at Combell have invested a lot of time and money into fine-tuning this aspect to perfection. The result for your online server? Amazing I/O speeds on our storage system and reliable connections to the outside world.

Combell Datacenter Interxion

Multiple hypermodern data centres for the best uptime guarantee

We do not take any risks with your data. Each component in Combell’s network is fully redundant: servers, connections, storage, firewalls... We even use two different data centres for all your projects. This way, you can be sure that your server is always available!

Combell High Availability

High availability and redundancy

You benefit from a high availability platform, which is also fully redundant. This way, you can benefit from the best performance at any time!

Combell Backups

Automatic backups

Every night, Combell backs up all the data on your server. This way, you will never lose data. If, despite this precaution, you have deleted or lost files, we will restore them in no time.

Combell Award-winning hosting provider

Award-winning provider

The constant aim for quality, innovation and a 24/7 personal approach seems to be a success formula, which has already helped us win several awards, including best helpdesk & service, best infrastructure provider, and many more... Check them out here.

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Combell Clients

Renowned brands trust Combell

Believe in what our customers say.

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Protection against malware

Combell Shield instantly protects your servers against intruders and malware. As soon as security issues are discovered, we handle them for you.


Continuous network monitoring

Physical firewalls and permanent monitoring services provided by our engineers offer the best protection against attacks from the outside.


Automatic security updates

Automatic patching and an efficient firewall guarantee a 100% secure working environment.


Highly secure data centre

Your server is hosted in a data centre monitored 24/7. No one is allowed to enter without prior screening.

Smart Business Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2017
Twinkle Awards Hosting & Domain Names 2016
PC Magazine - Best Helpdesk
WinMag Pro MKB Best Choice 2015

DAY AND NIGHT free support with each server

Since you can expect Combell to deliver first-class service and quality,
our premium support team is always available to assist you, 24/7, even on Christmas Eve.

Combell Support Team

Purchasing an online server without any hassle.

With an online server, you can add extra memory, processing power, storage or bandwidth as you like.
This way, you can be sure that you always have the fastest server infrastructure available.

The best uptime guarantee

Where before you were dependent on one or several machines that were hardly compatible, you can now put your mind at ease with Combell’s online servers. Virtualization allows for your network equipment, storage system and servers to operate in perfect harmony, with only one aim: maximum uptime for your server.

Reliable and fast network

The performance of Combell’s Servers is highly dependent on the underlying network. We at Combell have invested a lot of time and money into fine-tuning this aspect to perfection. The result for your online server? Amazing I/O speeds on our storage system and reliable connections to the outside world.

Server Hardware

Combell’s Cloud infrastructure has an N+1 configuration. This means that everything is redundant and that therefore, you can always lose one complete hardware node without experiencing any kind of difficulty. You can buy a server from Combell in total confidence.

Risk spreading thanks to unique Mini Clouds

Even if our SSD infrastructure has been duplicated and isolated in every possible manner, due diligence requires us not to put all our eggs in one basket. We at Combell resolutely choose risk spreading. Instead of centralising all the technology on one single cloud platform, we implement the same solution on several smaller Clouds. This is unique in the Benelux.

Do you want to buy a server? But you need further information first?

Our specialists are available 24/7 for free advice. Feel free to contact Simon and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone.