A process towards a tailored solution

How do we get to hosting services tailored to your needs?


We identify your needs

Thorough preparation

Following your request, our staff will contact you to discuss how we can best help you.
During this discussion, it is imperative that we understand your business well, so that we can develop your hosting environment according to your wishes. This is why, for larger projects, we often start with a kick-off meeting, where you can directly talk to our hosting experts.

Managed Hosting Support
Managed Hosting Support

Technical proposal tailored to your needs

Based on our preparatory work

Our specialists translate your needs into detailed technical specifications. They select the best hardware and develop a tailored hosting solution, which they later submit to you for your approval.


Developing according to DevOps principles

Together with your developers

Once we have received your approval, we start actually creating the hosting setup. In this context, we collaborate closely with your own developers in order to be able to further optimise your own application, if necessary. This way, you can achieve better performance using fewer resources.

Managed Hosting Support
Managed Hosting Support

Extensive testing

Before giving the final go-ahead

After an internal quality control check has been performed, you can access a clearly documented system (features, IP addressing, login information...) on which you install your application.
After that, some (optional) stress and load tests can be run in order to test the entire setup.


Launch of your application

With 24/7 monitoring and support

If everything is fine, we validate the entire setup. We activate the 24/7 monitoring service and configure the advanced security system.
As a customer, you can decide when the entire environment officially goes live. From that moment, we take full responsibility for monitoring and maintaining your environment.

Managed Hosting Support
Get in touch with real experts

They'll provide you with more in depth information

For an informal preliminary meeting

Siegfried Deleyn
Siegfried Deleyn Managed hosting specialist