DevOps approach

Collaboration between developers and operations

DevOps approach

Collaboration between developers and operations

DevOps stands for a close collaboration between developers (dev) and the operational team that handles the software’s release, deployment, operation and monitoring (ops).

The bottom line is that our operational team works together with your developers for a common goal: the success of the entire project, not just our part.

  • You get a high-performance application
  • Code written so that fewer resources are necessary = savings for you
  • A support team that really wants to help you, even when the problem lies with your code

DevOps approach
Managed Hosting Support

Our DevOps services

In case of incidents with your hosting environment

In order to be able to help you at any time with sound advice, we strive to know every little detail about your application.

By default, we go quite far in this role, but it is possible that a short analysis may not be enough.

  • A detailed analysis of your code and the provision of a report with action points
  • Writing of custom Varnish configurations (with our Varnish specialist Thijs)
  • Identifying and fixing performance issues

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