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The focus is not on hardware

But on what you really need

With virtualisation, it is not about hardware but what your application needs: memory, computing power, storage capacity, I/O and bandwidth.

Virtualisation makes it possible to adjust these resources individually without us having to replace the hardware. That makes them extremely flexible, to such an extent that we can also adapt your hosting to new situations (e.g. busy days when you run a marketing campaign) in just a few clicks.

Thanks to virtualisation, every environment is completely isolated for optimal stability and security!

The focus is not on hardware
Virtualisation with VMware

Virtualisation with VMware

Technology for the Fortune 500

More than 99% of the Fortune 500 businesses use VMware virtualisation solutions – the same technology we use to build our infrastructure on which we host your application.

What makes VMware so unique is that virtualisation can be done directly on the hardware (bare virtualization), thereby addressing nearly all performance issues thanks to extra intermediate layers.

Risk spreading with mini-clouds

In order to guarantee maximum uptime

Although our infrastructure has been duplicated in every possible manner, due diligence requires us not to put all our eggs in one basket. This is why, instead of centralising our technology on a single cloud platform, we have built several smaller clouds.

This way, every occasional incident can only affect a small part of our servers, and the other clouds remain available as a backup. This way, you have the guarantee that you will always stay online, even in the event of a major hardware failure.

Risk spreading with mini-clouds
Never overloaded

Never overloaded

Thanks to proactive monitoring

Thanks to our proactive monitoring service, overload is never an issue for your hosting. This monitoring service proactively tells us when certain servers require extra resources or when resources need to be shifted to avoid downtime.

These changes occur in the background, which means your application will not be affected at all.

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