Load testing

Load testing and prescriptive analysis for environment improvements. When a big event or an important season is coming up, or just for fun, you need to know you have the resources to handle a traffic spike. Is your performance up to par, does the scale of your environment reflect the scale of your project, are you ready to run with full speed ahead? Our DevOps team creates the perfect traffic ‘attack’, a tense simulation to determine your maximum capacity.

  • Precise simulation of traffic peak
  • Prescriptive analysis for action
  • Scalable solutions for adjustments
  • Detailed and definite results
  • DevOps cooperation for optimized impact
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When to perform load testing

When is load testing performed?

Load testing is best performed if you anticipate a huge traffic spike for a sale, a planned event or the next seasonal peak. You might want to test your capacities to determine what guarantees of performance you can offer to your users, after scaling up or down, after upgrading your software or when releasing a new version of your product – after any significant change to your setup, or in a completely new environment you have to test your limits.


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How is load testing performed?

In a rich portfolio of managed services, load testing is among the tasks we perform with great care for procedure. Thanks to the DevOps cooperation we evaluate the current setup against your traffic statistics, with regards to trends in your project. Based on this initial evaluation we prepare a setup of virtual servers, programmed to simulate real user actions. Then we load your system until point break. Based on results we recommend improvements or adjustments.

How to perform load testing
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