CDN (global scaling)

Take your project to the next level. Improve the performance significantly for no additional costs. Go for a solution that will serve your content to end users with increased availability and high speed. With our custom setup the goal is to simplify and accelerate the connection to your content through our international network of servers caching the static sections of your data.

  • Access to new markets
  • Optimized content delivery speed
  • Professionals with years of expertise
  • Custom setup for your needs
  • Improved visibility
  • Fully managed services
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Why do you need a content delivery network?

Why do you need a content delivery network?

A content distribution network represents a system of distributed servers that deliver webpages and other web content closer to the distant agent. The service is based on detecting the geographical location of the user. Static content is pre-loaded on strategically located data centers, ready to load faster when requested, bringing the total loading time way down. Do you target a specific market? We are already here to provide you with a full range of acceleration solutions.


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What are the advantages of a CDN?

Your content delivery reaches speed records you have not experienced before. The traffic is balanced and the network connection – speedier. With increased efficiency you get free resources you can harness in other activities and further improve your performance. With improve speed ranking Google and other search engines boost your visibility. Get ready to impress your customers with a stunning user experience!

What are the advantages of a CDN?
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