How to configure Autodiscover for basic mail?

Autodiscover is a system that allows your email client (such as MS Outlook) to configure your email address automatically, as opposed to configure all the server settings manually. In order to use Autodiscover, it has to be supported both by your hosting provider, Combell, and by your mail client. Unfortunately not all mail clients support Autodiscover. At the moment, the following programmes (partially) support Autodiscover:

  • Outlook for Windows
  • Thunderbird
  • Apple Mail (MacOS / iOS): Support via a detour, see below

Activate Autodiscover in two steps

Step 1: Setup the following DNS records:

Add the standard CNAME records and SRV records of $$ BrandName $$ to the DNS settings of your domain name. That way you make Autodiscover technically possible.

Check the standard DNS-settings of Combell

Step 2: Setup your basic mail

For Outlook for Windows:

Follow the normal setup procedure. Instead of going for ‘Manual setup or additional server types’ just fill in your Email Account information – your name, your email and your password. Your account will be configured automatically.

For Thunderbird:

Follow the normal setup procedure. In the ‘Mail Account Setup’ window, fill in your username and password only. You can bypass the ‘Manual Config’ step.

For Apple mail / iPAD / iPhone:

With Apple mail you can use an alternative. You can setup your basic mail via a pre-generated file. Please note you can only do that via your Safari browser. In Safari, please type in this URL, personalizing it with the email address you want to set up:

For example, if your email address is the URL should look like this:

Opening the URL itself generates for you a file and downloads it automatically. Open the file, and you get a System Preferences pop-up that asks you for a confirmation and a password. Upon a confirming the correct password, the basic mail account is automatically added to your Mail App

Updated on 7 June 2023

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