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Domain name management

Take control over your domain name portfolio

  • Dedicated domain name portfolio manager
  • Advanced support for any domain name question

An all-in-one solution to manage your domains

Protect your online presence against abuse

  • Priority support tickets

    Your support tickets will get priority over other request so you'll get a super fast response.

  • Dedicated account manager

    Your single point of contact on the matters of recuperation, cybersquatting and all other questions.

  • Extensive reporting

    Once a year you'll receive an extensive report on your international level of protection, your unsecured domain names, news, tips and tricks.

  • Manage via our API

    Connect with our API and manage your domains without touching our control panel or picking up the phone.

  • Registry lock

    Protect your domains with a lock against unwanted updates, transfers or expiration.

  • Advanced support

    We'll help you with complicated (bulk) transfers, domain changes and domain recuperation, even in the weekend.

Advanced domain name support

Are you planning a great change in your portfolio? Are you merging your accounts? A bulk registration of a new brand with multiple TLDs? You don’t need to do it alone. Leave it to the experts.

We can assist you. You feel you have the rights over a domain name, but someone beat you to the registration? Don’t lose hope. We know how to negotiate. With this package you get 2 hours of advanced domain name support per month!

From assistance for the transfer of your domain names to support in domain name recuperation, going by whois privacy or bulk changes, the Advanced Support team aims to provide personalized responses to your specific needs.

Have an urgent question? For you, we can extend our weekend product support to cover our domain name services.

Domain name support
Audit report

Domain name audit report

Receive a professionally built report about the access to your brand on your local market or worldwide.

Learn more about your prospects – which new TLDs you are underusing; what the recent news are and how you can protect yourself from brand fraud.

Priority support tickets

  • With your advanced domain name management you will never wonder when you will get the answer to your question.
  • If a pressing issue occurs, you will get a response as soon as possible. You get priority over the first-come-first-served rule in ticket responses.
Support tickets
Personal account manager

Dedicated account manager

Your single-point-of-contact account manager will know all about your domain names – your keywords, your key markets, your stats.

A valuable expert you can trust to always give you the best advice to enter new markets, to protect yourself against cybersquatting, scams, or during disputes.

Manage via our advanced domain API

  • You and your customers can enjoy domain name management free of any limits. Setup your advanced API and send us your orders in any form, any time, through any system.
  • Order registration, transfers and renewals at your own terms. Update your domain name whois details, your name servers or your DNS records without touching the control panel or picking up your phone.
Advanced domain API

Organize your domains with tags

  • A large and complete portfolio can be a heaven for your business and hell for your organization.
  • Use domain name tags to order your assets by brand, by category, by customer. Assign tags in bulk, filter by category and get custom reports from your account.

Domain name registration research

  • Want to expand your portfolio? Let our domain name experts do a complete analysis of the current status.
  • The agent will evaluate the relative importance of various markets for your brand and will suggest for you a sensible expansion in a direction that will bring back the most value. Have you explored the new gTLDs yet? Learn where your lack of presence is losing you business.
Registration research
Registry lock

Protect your domains with a registry lock

  • An unbeatable domain name security tool only corporate clients enjoy. No hacker can beat the registry lock and take your domain name away.
  • Most TLDs support registry lock. Prices vary for every TLD and the fee comes on top of your corporate monthly invoice. However, once you place a lock, no domain name operation will be allowed – no update, no transfer away, and no expiration! Not until you exclusively authorize your dedicated account manager to lift the ban.

We are always available to assist you!


Feel free to contact Jasper and his colleagues via e-mail or by telephone (toll-free number). They are available 24/7 for free advice.

Jasper Cocquyt Domain name specialist