Vagrant, Puppet and Chef FTW by Thijs Feryn (Combell evangelist)

  • 28 July 2014
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Future Of Web Apps is a renowned web developer conference organized by the Future Insights. The 24th of October last year, our evangelist Thijs Feryn was a guest at their conference in London.

Thijs was in good company en shared the stage with speakers of (amongst others) Google, Opera, EngineYard, Yahoo, GitHub and Paypal. During his presentation Thijs talked about Vagrant, a handy tool to manage your local development environment based on virtualization.

The subjects are: usability, reproducable environments, working in team, version management and plain distribution.

The video of the presentation was released last week, you can watch it here below. The corresponding slides are available here.

In June Thijs was present at their "Future Insights Live" event in Las Vegas where he talked about Varnish and logs and metrics. The videos of these presentations will be released later and will follow shortly.