8 reasons to build your web store using Combell’s ShopBuilder

  • 1 December 2020
  • Reading time: 7 min

Combell's ShopBuilder allows you to build a beautiful web store in no time at all. The themes it includes are fully developed, which means you really do not need to...

Get started with e-commerce with a web store builder

Get started with e-commerce in no time at all thanks to a web store builder

  • 27 November 2020
  • Reading time: 6 min

Even if you have no knowledge of graphic design or programming, you can start your own web store in the blink of an eye. A web store builder allows you...

Google Chrome 80 SameSite cookie

Warning: Google Chrome 80 may cause problems with online payments

  • 6 April 2020
  • Reading time: 3 min

If you have a website that allows you to receive payments online and this has sometimes failed to work properly for your users over the last few weeks, it could...

Frauduleuze websites sneller offline

Fraudulent websites are taken offline faster

  • 14 January 2019
  • Reading time: 3 min

In collaboration with the FPS Economy, DNS Belgium will be able to take fraudulent .be websites offline more quickly. What does this measure actually do?  The success of e-commerce also...


What should you do to ensure that your web store complies with the new geo-blocking regulation?

  • 9 January 2019
  • Reading time: 3 min

In order to promote cross-border digital trade in services and goods, the EU has issued a directive prohibiting geo-blocking and geo-filtering. But what exactly does this directive mean? Geo-blocking and...

Test-aankoop research webshops

Test-Achats found that 55 out of 100 web stores are not secure

  • 14 November 2018
  • Reading time: 4 min

Test-Achats recently found that some Belgian web stores leave the door open for intruders. We at Combell consider Internet security a top priority and therefore offer various features that you...

Dag van de Webshop customer case

Dag van de Webshop: every year, 3 lucky days for e-commerce

  • 8 October 2018
  • Reading time: 5 min

Let us introduce you to the online event called “Dag van de Webshop” (Flemish Web store Day), an initiative that has now developed into a 3-day event that aims to...

SafeShops Awards 2018: definitely not a dry event!

  • 19 March 2018
  • Reading time: 4 min

The SafeShops Awards were held for the second consecutive year. This competition is based on an honest evaluation by users themselves, which helps the participating web stores learn quite a...

Twinkle award 2017 voor hosting en domain voor Combell

Combell won a Twinkle Award again!

  • 11 December 2017
  • Reading time: 3 min

The Twinkle.be Awards ceremony was held for the second consecutive year. Not only did Combell receive an Award in the Hosting & Domain category, but several Combell customers also won...

Hosting and domain names in 2017: evaluation

Hosting and domain names in 2017: evaluation

  • 29 May 2017
  • Reading time: 6 min

Now that an increasing number of retailers have turned to e-commerce, all aspects of the digital infrastructure have become essential. These aspects range from hosting to domain names, including SSL...


E-commerce XPO in Kortrijk: Combell will be there!

  • 2 November 2016
  • Reading time: < 1 min

This year, E-commerce XPO, the most practical trade show for e-commerce and your online business, will be held on 7 & 8 November in Kortrijk. Will you come too? Starting...

How can you use Google AMP for your web store

AMP, how can you use them for your web store?

  • 25 May 2016
  • Reading time: 4 min

Lees in het Nederlands - Lisez en français In our previous article, we explained the importance of Accelerated Mobile Pages for Search Engine Optimization for news sites, as well as...