8 reasons to build your web store using Combell’s ShopBuilder

Combell's ShopBuilder allows you to build a beautiful web store in no time at all. The themes it includes are fully developed, which means you really do not need to know anything about programming or graphic design. Moreover, ShopBuilder makes it very easy to manage your store and your stocks. Read this article to discover all the benefits of ShopBuilder!

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1. Combell's ShopBuilder includes beautiful and fully developed themes

Beautiful themes to start with in ShopBuilderIn our article 'Get started with e-commerce in no time at all thanks to a web store builder', we showed you how easy it is to build your own web store using the right tool, even if you do not know anything about programming. That is because a web store builder allows you to get started with fully developed themes. In these templates, you just have to replace the default pictures with your own images, and add your texts. And your web store is ready!

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One of the most important criteria when choosing the right web store builder is therefore the diversity and quality of the themes that it offers. And Combell's ShopBuilder is the right choice in this context. Because it includes more than 100 professional themes, developed exclusively for certain sectors, as well as specific web store themes. Each of those e-commerce themes contains the necessary components for you to start selling online: a product page, a shopping cart and payment module, a shipping module, and so on. 

Tip: There are themes to sell both digital and physical products on your web store. A toy store, a flower shop, a record store, a fashion boutique, a store for musicians and publishers of e-books... the themes are wide-ranging.

If you cannot find what you are looking for in these ready-made themes, you can start with a blank store, which you will have to set up completely by yourself in terms of style, but which of course offers the same possibilities in terms of payment, shipping and product pages as the other themes.


All the themes have been developed very carefully, considering every detail. You can preview them, browse through them, and you can even see how the theme looks on your desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. And if you have already created your website using Combell's SiteBuilder, your web store will automatically adopt the same visual identity.

Responsive design ShopBuilder


2. Bulk import makes adding products super easy

Easy import of products in ShopBuilderThe most important part of your web store is of course the product page, where you present your products and where your customers can select them to add them to their shopping cart. If you only have a limited number of products, you can enter the product description, the image(s), the features and options (colour, size, etc.) one by one in your management module.

But if you use Combell's ShopBuilder, you will also be able to import your products in bulk. In your favourite spreadsheet program (such as Excel), you just have to create a .csv file that contains all the columns corresponding to the article number, description, image, category, options, weight, etc. on your product page. You can also include the images in this file by entering their URL. Then, when you will import the file, your products will instantly be online. What a time saver!

The great advantage of this is that you can make bulk adjustments offline. For example, if you have to increase your prices by 5% tomorrow, you can have that price change calculated using formulas in the spreadsheet. Then, a quick upload is all it takes to get your product page up to date again!


3. Your ShopBuilder will automatically keep track of your stock

On your product page, you can decide whether or not to show the number of items available for each product you are selling. This is quite a clever sales trick, because by showing that there are only a limited number of items left in stock, you can more easily persuade your customer to place an order!

But regardless of whether you show it or not, ShopBuilder will automatically keep track of your stock. Every time a visitor purchases an item, the stock in your underlying database will automatically be adjusted. When a product is almost out of stock, ShopBuilder will send you a notification on your smartphone, so that you can replenish your stock if necessary.

And the best part is that with the ShopBuilder Ultimate package, you can also export your data file as a .csv file. This allows you to import it into other programs or to analyse your sales. And you can start packing and shipping the ordered goods.

You can also export your customer database, so that you can create bulk invoices based on the combined files, or process them using other CRM software.


4. Checkout, payment, shipping: all ready-made modules

ShopBuilder actually provides all the features you need to sell online, whether you are selling physical goods or digital downloads such as e-books, music, videos, etc. Your customer just has to add the desired products to his shopping basket, after which the customer journey takes him to the checkout page, where he can pay for the products.

Connecting your web store to your account with a payment service provider is easy. Just remember that some payment methods require you to pay a commission. ShopBuilder offers a wide range of payment service providers and payment methods to choose from (Bancontact, credit cards, PayPal, Mollie, Stripe and many more).

Are you going to ship the goods yourself, or will you have your customers pick them up? Both options are possible. In the first case, you can charge shipping costs, which can be either a fixed amount or a variable amount, depending on the weight of the ordered goods. The module automatically adds these shipping costs to the amount to be paid. And if you choose to have the goods picked up, you can have the customer arrange an appointment for collection at a time convenient for him, because your module also includes a calendar.

The checkout page also takes into account any discounts that you are temporarily offering on your web store, and will neatly deduct them at checkout. The module can also handle discount codes that you sent to your customers by separate e-mail, for instance.


5. You can also sell to customers abroad

Sell internationally with ShopBuilderThe great thing about a web store is that it is accessible worldwide. So why would you limit yourself to sales in your own country, when you can sell internationally?

ShopBuilder gives you the opportunity to offer your store in different languages. Via an option on the homepage of your shop, your customer can select the desired language. Of course, you will have to use your translation skills to rewrite the content yourself in the language of Molière or Vondel.

Your web store has everything you need to serve foreign customers. And you do not have to worry about the correct VAT rate or the distinction between private and business customers, as your web store automatically calculates that for you as well. However, make sure that you also include international shipping costs in your shipping options.


6. Surprise your customers with discounts and personalised messages

Discounts and bargains are the best means of persuading a visitor to buy a product. And that is yet another reason why ShopBuilder is an amazing solution: you can put products in the spotlight on your product page, or use crossed-out prices to draw attention to the fact that a product has been reduced in price.

But there is so much more you can do with ShopBuilder, thanks to its dynamic notifications. This is actually very similar to an 'IFTTT' (If This Then That), where a certain event (a trigger) automatically leads to an action. Think, for instance, of a discount for a customer on his fifth purchase.

In the module, you can very easily determine the trigger and what action must be taken. ShopBuilder will then execute your instructions without you having to write any code. A trigger can be a date (Black Friday, Mother's Day, etc.), but it can also be a specific moment (a special message for those who visit your shop in the evening), the place where your visitor lives, the device he uses to visit your web store, etc.


Think of a "Call us" button that is shown to those who visit your shop using their smartphone. Or the automatic sending of e-mails, for example, when a customer has not completed his order, when an item is back in stock, or when someone has been a customer for one year.

The possibilities are huge, and all that without having to write a single line of code.


7. Managing your web store is extremely easy when you use ShopBuilder

Managing your web store is super easy with ShopBuilderFrom designing your web store to managing your stocks and developing promotional campaigns: everything is very simple, thanks to ShopBuilder's user-friendly working environment. Each step is self-explanatory, and for each button or function, there is a pop-up explaining how it works.

If you have any questions, you can check out the helpful support pages in the Knowledge Base, which will show you how to proceed, step by step. And if you need help, Combell's experts are always there to help you, via e-mail or telephone!

Trust Combell's support team


8. SEO and analytics are included

ShopBuilder contains all the necessary SEO tools to make your web store even easier to find in search engine results. Simple forms will help you optimise your web store, e.g. by adding page titles and description tags to images so that web crawlers know what your website is about. 

Tip: Fast loading of your web store is an important factor that Google takes into account to rank your shop in its search results. And this is yet again another aspect for which your ShopBuilder web shop will give you full satisfaction, as it is hosted on Combell's superfast servers with guaranteed uptime!

It is important to monitor the behaviour of your customers on your site in order to detect any obstacles in the customer journey. ShopBuilder provides clear analyses for this, and you can also link your shop to Google Analytics.


The advantages of Combell's Shopbuilder at a glance

Unlimited possibilities

  • Unlimited number of pages in your web store and unlimited number of categories
  • 100, 2,500 or an unlimited number of products (depending on your package); the product finder helps your visitors find what they are looking for more quickly
  • Decide for yourself which countries you want to sell to; different currencies are supported, such as euros and dollars
  • Orders and invoices can be edited (e.g. if the customer wants to change his order at a later stage)
  • Set a minimum purchase amount
  • Your visitor can order as a guest or log in to his account.
  • The system generates tracking codes for your parcels

SEO & marketing tools

  • Your product page is optimised for SEO
  • Attract customers with discount codes, digital gift vouchers and special offers
  • Abandoned shopping carts are automatically recovered
  • Allow your customers to share their purchases on social media


  • Clear explanation of all buttons
  • Comprehensive support pages with how-tos
  • If you still have questions, the Combell helpdesk will help you further


  • Protect pages with a password
  • Automatic backups allow you to immediately restore your shop to a previous version if something goes wrong during an update

Web design

  • Customise the display for each device (Ultimate) to e.g. remove certain features for smartphone users
  • The developer mode allows you to customise elements using CSS and HTML

Free extra services with each package

  • Free domain for the 1st year
  • Combell offers you 15 free mailboxes, with an unlimited number of e-mail addresses
  • Your e-mail is synced across all your devices
  • Free SSL certificate for secure HTTPS connections
  • 90-day money-back guarantee!

Be amazed by the beautiful, sleek design of the ShopBuilder Templates, and start your own web store today! Check out our various packages and prices.

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