Over 100,000 .me domain names have been registered

Barely 2 weeks after the launch of the extension, 100,000 .me domain names have already been registered. This domain extension belongs to Montenegro, which has recently regained its independence, but it is especially popular for personal « me » domain names.

Most registrations come from English-speaking countries. Here’s the top 5:
1. United States (71%)
2. United Kingdom (6%)
3. Canada (4%)
4. Australia (2%)
5. Israel (1%)

The Netherlands are tenth with 1% as well. Auctions for .me domains are coming along fine too. As a matter of fact, picture.me has been sold at 10.000 $, chatwith.me at 15.000 $ and insure.me is currently still under auction and the highest bid already amounts to 30.000 $.

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