Mobile websites are getting more popular by the day

smartphonesAccording to a recent study conducted by Universal McCann, smartphones are becoming an important instrument in commerce via the Internet. People who use smartphones such as an iPhone, a BlackBerry or an HTC react more and more to advertisements (53%), ask more and more information or a coupon (35%) and shop more and more via their mobile device (24%). They also use their device more frequently while shopping (81%) and commuting.

One out of each 7 minutes of media consumption now goes via a mobile device. And six out of ten users expect their use of mobile Internet to increase in the years to come. Mobile technology also went through an important shift: being able to surf “wireless online” has now become a highly personal experience, through a medium that users can perfectly adapt to their own needs, thanks to the numerous applications that they can download.

That is why smartphone users expect a lot from their device. The problem is that websites and services must keep pace. Those who cannot offer a special format adapted to mobile devices will miss numerous opportunities. By making this especially adapted format available to users under a .mobi domain, the difference with the standard website becomes immediate.

With each .mobi domain name, Combell offers Instant Mobilizer, free of charge, which makes it possible to create a mobile version of your current website in just a few clicks. Contact our sales department for further information.