Leading media company Sanoma Media chooses Combell Solutions

  • 28 November 2012
  • Reading time: 2 min
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For hosting its digital portfolio, Sanoma Media Belgium, one of the country’s leading media companies, chooses Combell Solutions.

Sanoma Media Belgium chose Combell Solutions after an intensive selection procedure, now come to fruition as a long-term partnership agreement. “During our selection process, Combell came in with flying colours. The company had a thorough understanding of our needs and contributed actively to the thought process leading to possible solutions”, says Marc Engrie, ICT Services Manager at Sanoma Media Belgium. “Namely the stability and reliability this company guarantees and which are mainly rooted in its advanced multi-data centre concept, were decisive factors”, adds Marc Engrie.

This multi-data centre concept offers continuous availability, even if one of the two data centres over which Sanoma distributed the infrastructure should collapse. “Zero downtime is indeed no utopia for who really wants to achieve it”, says Benjamin Jacobs (Combell CTO). “Zero downtime is certainly not a magical concept; it’s merely the sum of all technological measures in the storage and network layers, combined to an efficient management model. Because Combell is very familiar with these three areas and already applies them on a large scale, we can offer an end-to-end warranty on the services delivered to Sanoma – at competitive rates.”

Recently, Sanoma Media migrated almost all its websites to Combell’s infrastructure. The entire process took place without any complications and went completely unnoticed by users and visitors alike. Among those sites were e.g. Humo.be, Moustique.be, Zappybaby.be, Femmesdaujourdhui.be, Libellelekker.be and Shedeals.be.

The agreement with Sanoma Media confirms Combell’s leading position in the media world. Among Combell’s existing clients, one will notice several other media and publishing companies, like for instance Minoc Business Press and Van In. “The sectors of media and publishing are among our main focal points, together with retail. It stands to reason that we have accumulated a wealth of expertise in those areas”, says Combell CEO Jonas Dhaenens with emphasis.