E-commerce keeps growing

e-commerceAccording to renowned market research company Forrester, the e-commerce sector still has the wind in its sails, because in the US, it will grow from 243.7 billion dollars in 2009 to 271.3 billion in 2010, and even 295.4 billion in 2011, to finally reach 341.8 billion dollars in 2013.

Surprising is the fact that it is not the traditional service provider sector that will deliver profitable results in coming years, but it is the retail sector. In 2009, it held 58.5% of the market and in 2013, this percentage will be 62.3%. Travel is in decline (from 35.9% in 2009 to 32.9% in 2013), as is the online sale of tickets (from 2.5% this year to 2.3% in 2013).

Forrester even dares to make detailed forecasts per sector. Those that will grow the most are the following: food & drinks (79.1%); art and collections (77.1%); nonprescription drugs (62.7%); jewelry (61.8%); car parts (61.1%) and home electronics (53.6%). According to Forrester, the sector that will grow the most is the online sale of furniture (105.5%).

If you have a company in one of these sectors and you are not online yet, it is – if you believe Forrester – the ideal moment to also offer your products online.