Do you know where your bits and bytes are actually stored?

  • 28 February 2012
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It is true that we constantly speak of Clouds and Virtual Servers, but all your data, websites and programs are of course physically stored somewhere. That ‘somewhere’ is not a simple computer in just about any warehouse. It is a particularly secure server in Interxion’s extremely well secured data centre – the most advanced in Belgium. As you can see, we do not take any risks with your data.

Be dazzled by Interxion’s performance

Focus on a supplier: Interxion

Combell places its servers in the hypermodern data rooms of Interxion – Belgium’s safest data centre. The entire infrastructure is fire-resistant, protected against theft and fully redundant. In other words: you can rest easy because there is no danger whatsoever.

Constantly investing in security

Interxion reaches an SLA score of 99.999%. You probably think that leaves little space for improvement. And yet, the specialists who work at the Interxion data centre are not sitting idle. On the contrary: in January this year, they managed to raise the percentage of green energy for their entire electrical needs in the European company up to fifty percent (the data centre in Belgium is even running on 100% green energy). Standing still is not an option when it comes to security and protection. And that is exactly why Combell chose Interxion as a partner.

Breathtaking figures

The Interxion data centre is about 8000 square meters (about one and a half football field). Almost two thirds of this area are full with IT equipment. The rest is used for equipment to ensure power supply, keep the air humidity levels correct (between 40% and 60%), get the correct temperature (maximum three degrees above or below 21 °C) and feed the power (power consumption of 34.4 GWh in 2011). Even if there is a problem in these power cables, your server remains powered, thanks to the presence of 11 diesel generators, which can keep the data centre operational for weeks, via – among other things – a special mechanism that makes it possible to fill up the tanks while the generators are running.

Super secure

When we asked Interxion how they guaranteed the security of your data, we got an answer that is as elaborate as it is spectacular: “An extra sensitive detection system is able to detect the smallest foreign dust particle and instantly notifies an expert if necessary. Cables and pipes are not simply installed in raceways; they have their own closed space and hallway complex. This dropped ceiling is an extra security layer against water leaks and serves as buffer for temperature and air humidity. Visitors are not even allowed to access the parking area without having an appointment. And the control procedure to enter the centre is regulated by the strict ISO 27001 standard.”. Now, that is really secure.