Combell is the largest .be domain name agent in the Benelux

.be domain nameOnce again, this year, Combell is the number 1 agent in .be domain names in the Benelux. DNS.BE, the organization that manages the .be extension, published a list featuring the Top 10 agents. Two foreign low-budget providers are in first and second position. As the first hosting company in the Benelux, Combell ranks third.

The list reveals that Combell has a market share of 4.22%, with 37,964 .be domain names. However, if one takes into account all the companies that are part of Combell Holding, this amount reaches 56,825 .be domain names, which represents a market share of 6.82%.

Nevertheless, the market of .be domain names still has a significant growth potential. The 900,000th .be domain name was recently registered. That is nothing compared to the over 3,000,000 .nl domain names.