A Mini Cloud for Minoc Business Press

  • 23 October 2012
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Have you never heard about Minoc Business Press? Then, maybe its brand names will ring a bell: Clickx, ZDNet and ITprofessonal. Correct! Three widely read magazines about all things relating to computers and the Internet. Packed with tips, tricks, trends and reviews. And with the associated websites. And of course, on these sites, all processes must run smoothly. So as to maintain their reputation as ICT specialists...

In order to make this possible, Combell takes care of the hosting of all processes: a personal Content Management System (CMS), managing subscriptions, sending newsletters through e-mail, managing online orders of magazines, etc. We do this in a mini version of our Private Cloud. To the customer’s great satisfaction, by the way. Or, to put it like technical director Johan Vantomme: “Flexibility, combined with Combell’s excellent support service, tipped the balance for us.”

Read the whole case on Minoc Business Press.