Windows Virtual Private Server (VPS) hosting

Your own virtual Windows server. Fast, reliable and secure.

  • The ideal compromise between shared hosting and Cloud servers.
  • Free choice of Windows operating system and scripts.
  • Root access to your virtual server.
  • Powerful hardware in a secure data centre.
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  • Root access to your Windows VPS

    Do you find the shared hosting account too limited for your purposes? The VPS packages are the most affordable packages that provide root access to the server. Why should you be limited to the server requirements of a public cloud installation? Choose the Windows VPS for maximum freedom in software selection.

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  • Daily snapshot

    Every day, we will take a snapshot of your VPS. A backup will be made of each folder and each file, and it will be stored securely, independently from your Windows VPS. We attach great value to every customer's data and have activated backup availability as well as backup support, regardless of the account type you hold or the status of your helpdesk contract.

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  • Virtuozzo para-virtualisation

    Virtuozzo para-virtualisation is the unique technology that allows the physical server to act like several independent servers - virtual private servers. Via the Virtuozzo control panel, you can install your own applications, monitor the performance of the virtual machine and restart or shut down your VPS. You will not be affected by what others do on the server.

  • Guaranteed high-speed connections

    Discover the possibilities of our Windows VPS packages. As you will see, we offer ample processing power with every virtual machine. Your bandwidth is guaranteed and will not be affected by other users. Your traffic is unlimited too. Your VPS will be protected from failure or damage.

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