Firewall and network security

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Shared firewalls

Included by default at Combell

By default, we provide each hosting account with a robust shared firewall. With this system, the access to your application is regulated by a set of access rules.

But since the firewall is shared with other websites, it is possible that the firewall may experience inconvenience when one of the other websites is under attack.

This is the ideal solution for less critical applications.

Shared firewall
Single website firewall

Dedicated firewalls

For business-critical applications

With a dedicated firewall, you do not share the firewall with others. The odds of the firewall going offline following an attack on another website are thus nil.

For even higher guarantees, we also recommend to duplicate the firewall (make it redundant).

For this, we will discuss the settings and security rules with you and will then manage them 24/7!

Multi-firewall setup

Combined with multiple servers

For very sensitive data, we recommend an approach with multiple servers (e.g. web server + application server + database server), each server being isolated from each other via a firewall.

Only the servers that need to communicate directly with the Internet are kept in a DMZ (demilitarized zone).

Server Firewall
Backend Firewall

Back-end firewall

In the event of incidents involving your hosting environment

As an option, we can add a separate back-end firewall for system management and making backups.
In this case, user traffic and system management are strictly separated.

Such a back-end firewall also makes it possible to have an encrypted connection between your office / home computer and your hosting environment.

Extra intrusion prevention and detection systems


A firewall can be complemented with an IDS/IPS solution.
In that case, we use a worldwide network of deliberately vulnerable systems (called “honeypots”) to collect information about new attack methods and hackers.

Your firewall then uses this information to immediately identify these hackers and block their access when they attack your application.

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