Free Flexmail e-mail marketing

Each Combell customer gets a free Flexmail account

Promote your website using Flexmail's e-mail marketing tool. Design professional e-mails and campaigns and send them to the right contacts.

Are you already a Combell customer? If so, you can activate your account right away!

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What do you get with your free Flexmail account?


User-friendly e-mail builder

Thanks to a handy drag & drop editor, you can create beautiful e-mails in no time.


Beautiful e-mail templates

Jazz up your e-mails using handy e-mail templates and personalise them to fit your corporate identity.


5 campaigns per month

Every month, send 5 campaigns (newsletters, updates, special offers, etc.) to 200 contacts.


Handy contact management

Always reach the right audience by organising your contacts in convenient lists (segments).


Subscribing via your website

Allow your visitors to subscribe via a subscription form on your website. Their e-mail addresses will automatically be added to your Flexmail contact list.


Clear insights

A handy control panel (the CRM system) allows you to gain insights into how your campaigns are performing or how they can be improved.

Is your business growing? If so, Flexmail will grow with you.

Explore all the possibilities of Flexmail
Flexmail review Claire Van Boles

Flexmail is a professional platform that is easy to use.
This tool helps us standardise our communication and keep our customers informed in a pleasant way.

Claire Van Boles - e-Business Coordinator - Mercedes

So you get a free Flexmail account.

... at least if you are a Combell customer.
Do you have a domain name, hosting package, mailbox or any other product with us? Then, you get a free Flexmail Light account.

Please note that you only get one free Flexmail account per Combell account.

Activate your account via the control panel

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