Combell’s implementation processImplementation of your project

Personal project manager

The implementation process starts immediately after signing the contract. During this process, your project is assigned to your personal project manager. At that point, Combell documents and checks once again all the desired configurations, options and specific requirements.

Larger projects start with a kick-off meeting with your sales representative, presales, the project manager and the implementation team.

Then, Combell delivers the desired hardware and the system platform is implemented. At that point, an internal quality audit is conducted, after which you, the customer, can access a clearly documented system (features, IP addressing, login data…); later on, you can install the desired applications yourself.

Combell validates and assesses the entire setup when your environment has finally been set up according to your wishes, including the requirements on the level of monitoring, security management (e.g. desired open firewall ports), contact information, preferred channels and notifications in case of an incident… As a customer, you decide when the installed environment officially goes live. From that moment on, Combell assumes full responsibility for the monitoring and maintenance of your environment.

At all key moments in the implementation process, Combell draws up a transfer document. Your specific requirements will thus always be conveyed to the qualified persons. A detailed assessment and clear documentation allow Combell to take appropriate action at critical times.

Process flow implementation

Combell Procesflow
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