New website Davy Brocatus - winner Ugly Belgian Websites

No longer an Ugly Belgian Website: Combell presents renewed website Davy Brocatus

  • 19 January 2023
  • Reading time: 5 min

Davy's renewed website is everything a personal website should be. Read on our blog how Combell took charge of the website.

Customer case SiteBuilder THOOFTgerecht

Vanessa from restaurant THOOFTgerecht created her website all by herself: “SiteBuilder is highly recommended!”

  • 9 January 2023
  • Reading time: 4 min

Restaurant owner Vanessa is definitely proud of her own website. Especially since she created it all by herself using Combell's SiteBuilder.

Website load time: nothing but ultrafast is good enough

  • 3 January 2023
  • Reading time: 5 min

On the Internet, every second counts, every millisecond even. That is why you should make sure that your website has a fast loading speed.

What is spoofing

When cybercriminals disguise themselves: what is spoofing and how to prevent it?

  • 22 December 2022
  • Reading time: 5 min

What is spoofing? Cybercriminals impersonating someone from a bank, the tax authorities or, even worse, your own company! So you better find out quickly how to prevent it.

DPG Media customer case kanaal Z never offline and Combell makes sure of that

  • 15 December 2022
  • Reading time: 3 min

DPG Media informs and entertains you every day. But did you know that this vibrant media company also allows you to save money thanks to very helpful comparison websites such as

Davy Brocatus wins Ugly Belgian Websites

Here is why the Davy Brocatus website was the ultimate Ugly Belgian website

  • 13 December 2022
  • Reading time: 5 min

The jury of the Ugly Belgian Websites rewarded with first place. Or last – your choice. But why exactly did this website score the least points?

How do you choose an affordable web design

Our tips for beautiful but affordable web design

  • 15 November 2022
  • Reading time: 10 min

How do you make an unforgettable first impression without breaking the bank? We will help you get to an affordable web design.

Registering domain name at Combell

Registering your domain name with Combell? These are all the benefits!

  • 25 October 2022
  • Reading time: 4 min

Your domain name is the first step to a thriving business. It is crucial that you choose a reliable partner to register your domain name.

Combell takes care of all Ugly Belgian Websites

Ugly Belgian Website or not: Combell takes care of everyone

  • 4 October 2022
  • Reading time: 6 min

Everyone designs their website the way they want. But the most important thing about a website is that it runs smoothly and that it is secure.

Guidelines to stay off the list of Ugly Belgian Websites

Stay off the list of Ugly Belgian Websites? With 8 tips for a beautiful website!

  • 19 September 2022
  • Reading time: 8 min

Everyone's taste is different. But for those who would still like to design their website 'by the book', we have a few helpful tips!

Why Ugly Belgian Websites powered by Combell

Combell presents Ugly Belgian Websites

  • 16 September 2022
  • Reading time: 4 min

Web design is just like architecture: everyone has an opinion about it. That is why, together with Hannes Coudenys, the founder of Ugly Belgian Houses, we are going to try and find Belgium's most remarkable websites – and by remarkable, we obviously mean the ugliest. The Ugly Belgian Websites!

DDoS attacks create a traffic jam to your website

DDoS attacks: where do they come from and how can you stop them?

  • 9 September 2022
  • Reading time: 6 min

A DDoS attack is not actually a hack, but that is cold comfort when your website is unavailable for hours or even days. Where do such attacks come from?