Put multiple websites on one hosting package with subsites

You can easily add two or more websites to our web hosting packages. Those websites are completely separate from the original website on the hosting package.

We call this subsites because these additional websites do not have separate PHP settings, caching, SSL certificates or mailboxes. Managed WordPress can’t host multiple websites.

Tip: You can also link multiple domain names to your hosting

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Step 1: Add the website via the control panel

To add a website follow these steps in the control panel:

  1. Go to “My products”> “Web hosting”> Click on “Manage hosting” next to the desired package.
  2. In the menu on the left, choose “Domain names & SSL”.
  3. Click on “+ Add website” at the top right.
  4. Enter your (sub) domain name (eg ninefortwo.com).
  5. Optional: uncheck the checkbox if you want to link the website to another specific folder on your hosting.
  6. Click on “Add website” to confirm.

To add a subsite follow these steps in control panel

If your domain name is registered with us, we will automatically arrange the link between your domain name and the new website. Unless you have already set specific DNS records for your domain name. In that case, you have to overwrite them yourself.

Is your domain name with another provider? Then you have to adjust the DNS records yourself.

In order to link your domain name to your new website, you have to adjust the DNS records.

  1. Go to “My products”> “Web hosting”> Click on “Manage hosting” next to the desired package.
  2. In the menu on the left, choose “Domain names & SSL”.
  3. To the right, click on “Manage website” at your new website and choose “Show IP addresses”.
  4. Copy the IP address of your hosting (depending on your hosting package you have a 2nd IPv6 address.).
  5. Create an A record with the IP address for your (sub) domain name. You do this on the control panel of your domain name provider.
    Si votre nom de domaine est registrer chez nous, allez vers “Mes produits” > “DNS & Forwarding” et choisissez votre nom de domaine pour modifier les enregistrements A.

    Hostname: Your (sub)domain i.e. ninefortwo.be
    IP-address: Your IP-address
    TTL: 3600
    AAAA-record - Only if you have an IPv6 IP-address
    Hostname: Your (sub)domain i.e. ninefortwo.be
    IP-adres: Your IPv6 IP-address 
    TTL: 3600
  6. Four hours after changing the DNS records, your (sub) domain name will point to your new website.
Tip: Are you adding a domain name without a subdomain?

Then create records for your domain name with and without www. before!

Updated on 26 September 2022

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