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How do I upgrade / downgrade a hosting account (service package)?

To upgrade or downgrade a hosting account, it is best to change the service pack. First create a service pack with the desired up- or downgrade and then proceed with these steps.

Follow these steps in the control panel to upgrade / downgrade your service pack:

  1. Go to “Reseller dashboard”
  2. Select “Accounts” in the menu on the left and click on “Details” to the right of the account for which you want to upgrade / downgrade the package.
    Now you see your current service pack
  3. Right click on “Upgrade or downgrade service package”
  4. Choose the name of a specific package.
    The form will show you a table with the old attributes and the new attributes of that account. Arrows will tell you whether this particular feature will be increased or decreased.
  5. Click on “Edit service package” to save the changes.
    up/downgrade service package
Updated on 30 June 2020

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