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What do I need to know about my email marketing account?

How is a mailing account different from regular mail services?

Your mailing account will allow you to send mass emails. Depending on the subscription you could send up to 200 000 emails per month.
As soon as you order, an account is configured on the Combell mailing server and a reverse DNS is setup. It is the reverse DNS record that prevents the mailing servers from being marked as spammers. Messages, coming from spammers would be blocked and will not reach the recipient.

What does the mailing account consist of?

Your mailing account is identified by:

  • IP address – the mailing server;
  • username;
  • password.

It can be accessed through ports 25, 1025, and 2525 without SSL. Authentication is required.

How do I start sending?

To use the account, you have several options including:

  • Configure a regular SMTP server in your mail client. This option is not recommended for large amounts of recipients.
  • Use your own php script.
  • [Recommended] Use special mail marketing software. Have in mind Combell does not provide a license of such software.

Important: Click on the link to check what test you need to carry out before you start your campaign

Updated on 16 September 2022

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