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How do I know the email marketing is configured right?

How do I start sending?

To use the account, you have several options including:

  • Configure a regular SMTP server in your mail client. This option is not recommended for large amounts of recipients.
  • Use your own php script.
  • [Recommended] Use special mail marketing software. Have in mind Combell does not provide a license of such software.

Is it working?

It would usually take up to 20 minutes for the message to actually be sent. In busy times with heavy email traffic, during Christmas or Black Friday campaigns, it could take up to several hours for your emails to be delivered.
The reason is all outgoing messages are regrouped per destination. It is done to lessen the chance that the message is marked as spam.

How do I know if it is configured correctly?


It is strongly recommended that users of shared hosting doing a campaign via their websites test the configuration like so:

  1. After your configuration is done, send a test mail to a small target – not more than 10 recipients.
  2. Allow 20 minutes to pass.
  3. Contact Combell and ask if the email went through the right server.
Updated on 26 September 2022

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