Link a mailbox to your domain name

There are different ways to link an (external) mailbox to your domain name.

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Do you want to link an extra domain name?

Read our manuals for a Basic mailbox or Exchange mailbox


How you link a Combell mailbox to a domain name depends on where the domain name is registered.

The domain name is registered with Combell

This is the simplest situation. Since Combell provides both services, we automatically link them for you. Order a mailbox, enter your domain name and we will arrange everything.

The domain name is registered with another provider

If the domain name to which you want to link the mailbox is registered elsewhere, you will have to change the DNS settings.

Enter these DNS settings on the control panel of your domain name provider.

Basic Mailbox: DNS Settings

MX records

  • – priority 10
  • – priority 50

Extra DNS settings to activate Autodiscover
Don’t forget these extra settings if you want your mailbox (s) to be configured automatically in Outlook or Thunderbird?
Enter CNAME and SRV records to activate Autodiscover .

Exchange Mailbox: DNS settings

MX records

  • – priority 10
  • – priority 50

CNAME record

  • autodiscover. > Destination:

Once your DNS settings have been changed, it takes up to 24 hours for the connection between your domain name and the mailbox to be completely in order.

You have a domain name with Combell and you want to use it with an external mail provider such as Microsoft Office 365, Google Suite or your own mail server. Then you request the DNS settings from that provider to make the connection.

Once you have those DNS settings (usually an adjusted mx record), you can easily adjust them in the control panel via My products> DNS & Forwarding management.

Updated on 26 September 2022

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