Webforwarding: redirecting your domain to another url

A web forwarding redirects your domain name or subdomain to another website.
In this article you can read how to create a web forward for your domain name.


Changes to your DNS records will only take effect after 1 to 4 hours

The distribution time is usually 1 hour, but can go up to 4.


Because a web forward cannot co-exist with an A-record at the same time, you must first delete the A-records.

Follow these steps in the control panel

  1. At the top, choose ‘My Products’> ‘DNS & Forwarding management’ and click on the “Manage DNS” button to the right of the domain for which you want to set up a web forward.
  2. Click on “A-records” in the menu on the left. You see a list with all A-records that belong to this domain name.
  3. See if an A-record has been set for the domain name that you want to refer. If there are any, delete them.
    Make sure that you delete both the A-record for the regular domain name and for the www.-version (see example).



  1. Click on ‘Web forwarding’ in the menu on the left.
  2. Click on +Add. If you want to forward the domain to another domain, leave the “Webforwarding” field empty and only enter the “destination” field with the url to which your domain should refer, eg “https://ninefortwo.com” ( Note that the “http: //” or “https: //” must be present).
  3. Click on the “Add web forwarding” button to create the web forward.
  4. The control panel will add the web forward and automatically re-enter the same destination for you. Now you only have to enter “www” in the left field “Webforwarding” and click on add again to also forward the www subdomain to the same destination.

Advanced options

  • The forwarding can be done in a masked (cloaked) manner. Check “Cloaked” if you want the url in the browser bar to remain the same as your original domain name. We do not recommend this because many websites (eg Facebook.com) prevent this. This option also makes the website virtually untraceable for Google. To turn “cloaked” on, you need to edit the existing web forwarding.
  • You can create a web forward for (other) subdomains, also if desired, see the example below.
Updated on 20 October 2022

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