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How to manage user roles and licenses in Microsoft 365 (Office 365)?

If you want to change the role of a user, his or her license, his or her contact details, etc., simply follow these steps:

  1. Log in to https://admin.microsoft.com as an administrator
  2. Select “Users” > “Active users”
  3. Select the desired user.
  4. To change the license, select the “Licenses and apps” tab in the pop-up. Make the necessary changes and confirm by clicking “Save changes”
  5. To change the role, select the “Account” tab in the pop-up for the “Roles” option. Assign the user a specific role, or change the role that has already been assigned. The most commonly used roles are:
    • Exchange Admin: this user can manage Exchange Online, but also create and manage groups
    • User admin: resets passwords for users, manages all the features for users and groups
    • Global Reader: can read but not change all admin features and settings
    • Global admin: has unlimited access to all admin features, such as assigning, purchasing and deleting licenses, deleting an account, etc.
    • Helpdesk technician: can reset passwords and manage service requests
    • For further information about Admin roles, please visit the Microsoft website.
  6. Click “Close” to finish

Tip: Open the “Show all by category” drop-down menu. This makes it much easier to choose the role this user should have.

Learn more on the Microsoft website: The difference between subscriptions and licenses

Updated on 26 August 2020

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