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How to connect to my database from my own computer

To connect to your database from your own computer, you need to set up a so-called ‘SSH tunnel’. You then first make an SSH connection to your account. Only then can you connect locally to perform operations on your database.

The data to connect to your database

To connect to your database, you need an SSH key and your database details.

  1. First set up an SSH connection to your web hosting using an SSH key.
    Follow our manual for this
  2. Afterwards, look up your database details via your control panel.
    To do so, go to “My products” > “Databases” > “Manage database”.
    • Hostname
    • Database
    • User
    • Database password
Example of your database data (Dutch)

Forgot your password?
Set a new password for your user via “Manage users” > Click on the three dots next to your user and click “Edit password”.

Connect to your database

To do this, install a programme to manage your database such as: MySQL workbench (Windows/Mac), Sequel Pro (Mac), MySQL Ace (Mac), DBeaver (Linux).

Just about all these programmes allow you to connect via SSH tunnel at once. This is indicated as ‘SSH tunnel‘, ‘TCP/IP over SSH‘ or simply ‘SSH‘.

Authenticity of the server cannot be verified?
After filling in the details, you may get this message the first time. Choose to connect anyway.

Some examples from database programmes

MySQL Workbench Windows
Sequel Pro
DBeaver Linux

Updated on 9 February 2024

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