Why host your WordPress website at Combell

The choice of hosting for your website is tremendously important to its success – and that is even more so if you want to work with the WordPress CMS. Let us examine the most important points you should pay attention to when choosing hosting for WordPress. We will show you how Combell meets these requirements and why you can fully entrust your WordPress website to Combell.

WordPress: the most used CMS

Why host WordPress at Combell

With a ‘Content Management System’ such as WordPress, first you build a fixed framework using building blocks that you find on the web. Examples of these are layout themes, or plugins for adding certain functionality: interaction with social networks, a search box, keywords or word clouds, etc. Once you have created this framework, you just need to enter content via a web form, which is then written to a database. When someone visits your website, the page is loaded on the fly: the content is extracted from the database and fitted into the framework.

WordPress is the most popular CMS on the web. Out of all the websites based on a CMS, 62% are based on this platform. Each month, over 400 million people visit a website powered by WordPress – whether it be a modest blog or a huge news site. Thanks to the many plugins that exist for WordPress, such as WooCommerce, you can also build your web store on WordPress.

Important points for choosing good WordPress hosting

There is, however, a lot to look at when it comes to operating a smooth-running WordPress website on your own hosting. And there are also a whole lot of items to be considered in terms of its maintenance and security. WordPress actually requires specialised hosting. For that reason, it makes sense to have a good hosting partner with years of experience and a helpdesk that can be accessed easily 24/7.

We are now going to explore the reasons why Combell is the right partner to host your WordPress website or web store.

1. Ease of use: an accessible helpdesk, a conveniently arranged control panel and easy installation and maintenance

Your hosting provider must be capable of offering any help required for installation, maintenance or issues. That can be at varying levels:

  • Help with installation of your WordPress: with Combell, your WordPress is installed automatically – you can get to work straight away with your themes and plugins. What is more, if you want to transfer your website, domain or e-mail to Combell, then the Combell Mover neatly does that all for you!
  • A conveniently arranged control panel: here is where you can make the necessary changes to your package (more space or databases) or to your settings. At Combell, everything from updating your PHP package to restoring a backup is clearly explained and immediately to hand.
  • Extensive knowledge base: for questions or small problems, you will find the right answer in the clear knowledge base at Combell so you can get back on track.
  • Accessible helpdesk: if you cannot resolve the issue yourself, you can depend on the experts from Combell’s helpdesk. You will not be redirected endlessly but will immediately have a collaborator on the line who knows what he or she is talking about. And who can advise you in a proactive way.

2. Guaranteed speed

Because content is retrieved from the database on the fly when your visitor requests a page, it is extremely important that no precious time is lost in this process. Speed is achieved in your WordPress in various ways:

  • Isolated hosting: some hosting providers cram the WordPress hosting onto shared servers, which have to share computing resources, such as memory and CPU. However, Combell makes sure that each website is isolated, so that your website does not suffer when another customer is using a lot of CPU, for example.
  • Fast-operating disks: SSDs deliver the fastest response. Combell has equipped all its servers with these.
  • Working with cache: content that remains unchanged for each visitor should not need to be retrieved each time from the database. You can put this in the cache and thereby give a significant boost to the loading of your website. With Combell, you have various options for working with cache, such as Ramdisk, Varnish and Redis.

3. Protection against hackers – and against your own silly mistakes

Due to its popularity, WordPress is a favourite target for hackers. The security of your WordPress site is dependent, for the most part, on the options that have been integrated into the hosting by your hosting provider.

  • Secure HTTPS connection between your visitor’s browser and your website, so that third parties cannot listen in or change the communication with the visitor. An HTTPS connection is a requirement to be able to offer secure payments, but it is also a factor that Google takes into account for your ranking. In order to provide such an HTTPS connection, you must have an SSL certificate. At Combell, you get a free SSL certificate from Let’s Encrypt with each WordPress hosting.
  • Security by design: your WordPress hosting provider must take all possible measures to keep out hackers. What Combell provides includes protection against DDoS attacks with a NAWAS filter, scanning your files and checking them for malware, tracking security vulnerabilities and preventively auto-patching and fixing them automatically, and providing you with logging tools for monitoring the traffic to your website for irregularities, etc.
  • Automatic backups protect you from data loss if disaster strikes. At Combell, backups are made daily, and you can restore them yourself from your control panel, if necessary.

4. Sufficient space specifications

  • Sufficient web space – that is the storage space occupied by your themes, texts and, above all, images on your hosting. At Combell, you can choose packages up to 250 GB. An upgrade is always possible and easy to carry out via your control panel.
  • Ability to administer multiple websites in a single package. You can operate different websites that share the same database, or make use of different databases. Depending on your package, you can operate up to 6 websites at Combell.
  • Sufficient databases that are also big enough. In this context, think about a database with your customer information, with your products, etc. At Combell, the offer allows for up to 75 databases, and they can be as much as 500 MB in size.
  • Sufficient number of domains can be linked to your website. There is no limit on this at Combell. You can also create unlimited subdomains, such as sales.domain_name.be
  • Sufficient data traffic included per month – at many providers, this can be a snake in the grass that comes as a nasty surprise! There is no limit on data traffic at Combell.

5. Combell offers various options for your WordPress hosting:

  • Self-installation: order your WordPress via your control panel with a simple click, or let Combell support install WordPress on a Linux web hosting. Now you can go to work completely autonomously.
  • Pre-installed package: Combell sets up everything ready for you in a WordPress hosting package. All you have to do is decide on the layout, install the plugins you need, and then you can get straight on with filling in your content!
  • Managed WordPress: with this option, Combell looks after the technical side of things even more, so that you can concentrate fully on your content. In this case, you benefit from a control panel specially developed for Managed WordPress: all the technical tasks that Combell takes off your hands are no longer visible here. Managing, activating or modifying settings are all done simply with the push of a button. You can also test out updates in a safe test environment, so you no longer run the risk that your site will crash after you update a theme or plugin.

6. The extras in your WordPress hosting: the icing on the cake!

What we have outlined above are the minimum requirements that your WordPress hosting should provide. At Combell, you also get a few other extra features for which you have to pay at other hosting companies. So, at Combell we indulge you with:

  • Free registration of your domain name for the first year
  • Free 24/7 support, whereas other hosting companies only provide help via premium rate numbers
  • Money-back guarantee if not satisfied.
  • Free mailbox: up to 750 mailboxes of 25 GB each, depending on your package, with an unlimited number of mail aliases, backups, webmail access, antivirus software and spam filter, and more besides
  • Free transfer of your e-mail and website to Combell hosting

Now you know what to look for when it comes to choosing your WordPress hosting. And what Combell can offer you. Would you like to know more? Contact us – we will gladly answer any questions you may have. Does Combell’s offer seem like the solution to problems you have with your current hosting? Our experts are ready and waiting for you.